Moving to Wenatchee Today – Part I

Today we began our move to Wenatchee for the Apple Blossom Fair.

Ron worked till 5:45 this morning. He came home, showered and then slept till about 8:30 a.m. I had gotten off Sunday night at 10:30 so came home, showered and went to bed. I slept till about 5:15 a.m. when my blood sugar dropped again to 55. I got up and ate a yogurt, drank a juice and then ate a granola bar. Got my number back up to 90. Went back to bed, woke up briefly when Ron came in and fell back asleep till about 8:15. I got up and started getting things ready in the motor home for the move to Wenatchee. We were ready to leave the campground at 10:00 a.m. I had not heard from Rick or Theresa that I was needed to drive a company van so we headed out.

Our first stop was to see Cory Crawford at the elementary school where he is the principal. He was Jamie’s 3rd grade teacher and a good friend of ours. We attended his wedding the summer after Jamie’s 3rd grade year. It was so good to reconnect with him. I showed him the family book that Danalyn made for us for Christmas two years ago. After visiting for about an half hour we left him so he could go back to doing assessment tests on some of his students and we made our way to Winco to do some much needed grocery shopping. After having a lunch of sandwiches in the motor home we then made a stop at Target to get a couple packages of white t-shirts for Ron. He only had 4 and we needed to make sure he had enough to get him through two weeks of carnival work since we don’t know if we will be able to get away to do laundry while we are in Wenatchee. After Target we filled up the motor home with gas on got on the freeway headed to Wenatchee.

We were driving along and started climbing Highway 18 when the motor home started acting like it wasn’t getting any gas (like it had done when we were on our Fall trips last year). We stopped/started multiple times on Highway 18 but made it to the top of Tiger Summit. Going down hill the motor home had no problems. After missing our exit to I90 and turning around we headed through Issaquah and through Northbend. As we started the climb up I90 the motor home again began having problems. We started/stopped multiple times again finally turning off at exit 38. Ron made the decision we would turn around and go to the mechanic who had replaced our alternator two years ago. We knew him to be a good and honest businessman and trusted his work. We pulled into his shop about 2:30 p.m. It was about an hour wait before they could work on our rig so we each took a short nap. At about 3:30 they drove the motor home into the shop. Found a melted spark plug wire, replaced it and $85 later we were back on the road. We made it about 15 miles before we started having the same starting/stopping problem and so Ron quickly called Mark back at the shop, told him what was going on and said we would make our way back to the shop so they could work on it in the morning. It was now 4:45 and they close at 5:00. Mark said he would put out a 30 amp plug for us for the night so we could have power (that’s why I can write on my blog tonight and check emails). Now they are thinking we have a bad fuel pump that will need to be replaced in the morning.

We arrived at the repair shop at about 6:00 p.m. Ron got us level and I hooked up the power. Ron then called Rick & Theresa to tell them what was going on and that we would not be in Wenatchee tonight as planned. Rick’s response was a positive one and said better to take care of the problem now before things get possibly worse. Ron felt bad that he was not going to be at work tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. as scheduled but we also know there is nothing we can do tonight. We did spend some time in prayer thanking the Lord for getting us to a safe and secure spot for the night and that we are not stranded somewhere on the road.

We had a dinner of brats and mac & cheese. Ron then spent time reading and I have been checking emails and writing my blog.

Please keep us in your prayers that the necessary repairs will be made quickly and without a lot of expense and that we can then get back on the road and over to Wenatchee. We still need to make a stop and do laundry before settling into the bone yard.

On a positive note it is very quiet here and relaxing and after a busy week it is a nice break. We know we are where the Lord wants us for the night and are looking forward to a new and wonderful day tomorrow.

I will make another post tomorrow night to let you know how things turn out tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Moving to Wenatchee Today – Part I”

  1. Ali, your positive attitude is very inspiring. I believe that our sovereign God always has us where he wants us. We don't usually know the reason why. I hope your motorhome problems get resolved quickly tomorrow morning.

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