Change of Plans for Alice this week at the Puyallup Spring Fair

Change of plans for Alice ~

Just got a call from Theresa about my job this week at the Puyallup Spring Fair.

The original plan was that I would be working in the Pizza concession stand Thursday through Sunday. This is because Puyallup hires their own ticket sellers and they are not through Funtastic Shows. Okay, no problem for me. I don’t mind doing something different. Now the plan has changed again.

Mrs. Burback, one of the owners, switched people around in the office jobs and now there is an opening in the ride office for me and it is an all day job…12+ hours each day. Guess the Lord knows I need the hours 🙂 My job this week will now be clocking people in/out at the beginning and end of each shift. They run two shifts a day here so I will work in the morning’s handing out time sheets, clocking people in and then work on the previous day’s time sheets. Then at the change of shift in the afternoon I will be clocking people in/out and then again at the end of the swing shift I will be clocking people out. In between times I will be processing the time sheets of all these wonderful ride people. I like doing the time sheets…reminds me of payroll when I worked at OptionCare. In between times if the Pizza concession stand gets slammed I will be helping in there. I will be working 13 to 14 hour days Thursday through Sunday this week.

A little update about yesterday and today. Theresa had asked me to be “on call” to do office work yesterday and today. I worked all of 15 minutes yesterday processing/making bar codes for the rides. Once again she commented on how quick I was ~ maybe I should learn to work slower ~ just kidding :). She was supposed to call me about 5:00 to help do some data entry last evening. I didn’t hear from her so I called her about 8:00 p.m. The first thing she said after I identified myself was “oh crap, I forgot you. I am so sorry” I told her no problem. I had made a nice dinner of chicken and wild rice and ate it with Ron and we had a good evening together. After talking for a few minutes it was decided she would just call me today when she was ready to teach me how to do the data entry stuff – it is inputting all the employees into a separate payroll system that is used only for the Puyallup fairs. She said she would call late morning or early afternoon today and it would be four or five hours of work. Fine with me, I like having my mornings free to spend time in the Word, praying and then time on the computer checking in with friends and family.

So Theresa called me at 9:30 this morning and said the plans for my job have changed. She was talking to Mrs. Burback about my skills in the office and what a quick learner I am. And that is how the change in what I would be doing this week happened. Theresa asked if I was okay with the change…of course I was…office work is definitely more my thing then working in a pizza stand. And I thought to myself, I can do anything for four days.

Don’t want to leave Ron out of what is going on with him. Yesterday, Kenny, the rides supervisor, started teaching Ron how to set up the Lolli Swings (a giant lollipop with swings on it). The guy who currently is in charge of setting up the swings is getting a little forgetful and Kenny wants someone on there who knows what they are doing. Ron said he liked learning how it all goes together. So today is finishing up setting up the Lolli Swings and then will go on to the next job whatever that is. Today could possibly be a long day for set up as they have to be totally ready to go for tomorrow morning. At least the weather outside is nice. There is not a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining bright and it is just beautiful out there.

Praises today ~

~ for the hours this week. Even though they will be long it is what we need to get back on our feet financially after 3 months of almost no work for Ron
~ for the nice weather. It is so much easier to work outside on nice weather days then in the rain and cold.
~ for the nice evening Ron and I had last night and the good sleep we both had. We both woke feeling ready and eager to start the day
~ for the check from Sunset Inn we received yesterday. It was not the big check that we are still owed but it was still a payment that came in that had been owed to us since early March.
~ that Theresa and Rob Rhew (he is the one who interviewed us and offered us jobs right away and who is the boss of Theresa & Rick and the Blue Unit) recognize my skills in the office setting and are utilizing those skills in the work I am being asked to perform

Prayer requests ~

~ for us to have the energy and stamina to work the long hours this week and to work with a cheerful heart and attitude
~ for the checks to come in that is still owed us from jobs that were completed before we left Blaine

Thanks for reading my blog and holding our prayer requests up to the Lord. We know the Lord is in control and feel the love and prayers of our many friends and family as we travel this journey of working/traveling with the carnival.

Till next time, Alice

3 responses to “Change of Plans for Alice this week at the Puyallup Spring Fair”

  1. God is working. Pun intended, just enjoy the ride!Hugs,Pastor Sharon Billington

  2. Hello, Alice. I have been following your blog for a few weeks and am intrigued with your adventure of working with the carnival. I like that you share praise reports and prayer requests. I'm praying for you! Carol

  3. New to your blog, as you are to ours. Have a great life, and keep those books straight!

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