Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter everyone!

Woke up this morning and spent time reading scripture with Ron. Thanks Charles for the service plan as that was our guide for reading this morning. He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!

We have had a pretty quiet week this week. We moved to Lacey on Monday. Ron did set up of rides on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday during the day I went grocery shopping with Diane, one of the game people and then in the evening we were able to use a company van to go do laundry. Wednesday afternoon we set up the ticket box. Set up for that includes washing all the windows inside and out, sweeping the floor, setting up the computers and getting ourselves organized. Thursday was a scheduled day off. In the morning we went for a walk. Found a Shucks so Ron bought some light bulbs for inside the motor home. We had five not working but now they all are ~ thanks Ron for being so handy. It rained all afternoon so we spent the day inside reading, checking emails and just plain relaxing. Ron did get asked to drive Richard, the mechanic, to the Napa Auto Parts store. Ron is one of a few who has his drivers license so he can drive a company van. Once he is approved by the company he will get paid for driving the company van. Plus then we will have access to a vehicle.

Friday we were supposed to start work at 1:00 but it was really windy and rainy so they postponed the start to 3:00. At 2:45 we got a call from Theresa that the carnival would not be opening at all due to the high winds. Another day to hunker down, do lots of reading and stay inside where it was warm and toasty. Saturday we opened the carnival at 12:00. It rained quite a bit with a few heavy down pours. At 5:45 Rick told me to close up my till and Ron closed his at 6:00…the end of another day of working for the carnival. We had between 25 to 50 customers. The rain didn’t seem to bother the children but the parents looked a little worse for wear. One bad thing about yesterday is that we found out the heater does not work in the ticket box. It got mighty cold in there and by the end of our shift we were both freezing. After walking back to the motor home in the rain we got on dry clothes, had some coffee and hot chocolate and turned the furnace up for about half an hour. We finally thawed out. We spent the evening reading ~ we do a lot of reading.

Today the carnival opens at 1:00. I forgot to buy a ham for dinner today so we are having chicken & broccoli with creamy noodles and salad for lunch before we go into work. The recipe calls for tuna but I am using canned chicken instead. I am sure it will be tasty.

We have been asked by a couple of people why we can’t go in the local mall (where the carnival is set up) or Applebees which is also here in the shopping center. We have been told that we are not to go into these places for a couple of reasons. One is due to the history of “bad carnies” that they are up to no good and only cause trouble. Theresa said it is also to avoid being accused of anything by the shop owners (remember bad carnies) and the fact that some of these guys get really dirty working on the rides and don’t always do the best at cleaning up and this avoids the chance that they will get clothes/items dirty in the stores. We can understand where Rick & Theresa are coming from because we don’t want to have any problems arise. It was a bummer though because when we pulled in Monday afternoon we talked about going to Applebees for dinner that night. On a good note though, it saved us probably $25 or so.

Praise & Prayer Requests:

Praise that we are getting into a comfortable routine.

Praise that we invited Michael to have lunch with us on Friday and when Ron prayed for our lunch at the end of the prayer when we said Amen, Michael did too. We know people are noticing that we are different (I know we are really different 🙂 even Theresa apologized for swearing in front of me the other day.

Praise that we are learning our jobs and being given other things to do besides just sell tickets.

Prayer request ~ that the three checks we are waiting for will come in.

Prayer request ~ that I won’t have too much homesickness this week. Last Friday and Sunday were difficult for me.

Prayer request ~ that we will be a shining light of Jesus to those we come into contact with.

That’s all for today ~ hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

4 responses to “Happy Easter Everyone!”

  1. May your feet be as warm as your hearts.Happy Easter

  2. Happy Easter, my friend!I thought of you this morning as the sun was rising. Tim did a 2am-5am security shift at the park where sunrise service was, so we didn't actually make it back there at 7:00 for the service. He was sleeping, but I was up at 6:00, spending time with God sort of having my own sunrise service. I'll send you an email soon. The package I sent is supposed to get to Portland on Monday. love you!dee

  3. We miss you this Easter, but we know no matter how many miles seperate us, we are still one in the Spirit.Keep smiling.

  4. Enjoy those five new lights, Alice! One of the reasons we traded in our Country Coach was because it was too dark for us. It wasn't so bad when we were in bright, sunny areas, but we really noticed the lack of light when we were in the cloudy, rainy Northwest!

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