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Our first full day!

We have had a good three days. We spent Sunday & Monday nights at Chehalis Thousand Trails. We spent lots of time reading, resting, spending time on the computer and going for a couple of walks. Tuesday morning we ate breakfast and then went on a walk. After lunch we got the motor home ready to leave Chehalis. We then went to the laundry there on site and did two loads of laundry. While the clothes were drying we played some pool. Ron won 4 to 3. We then drove from Chehalis to Kelso (Three Rivers Mall). We saw where the carnival was parked at parked the motor home behind Target facing the carnival. We went for a walk through the mall ~ it is about half empty of stores. We then went to Target to buy some UNO cards. When we got back to the motor home and started making dinner, Ron put the UNO cards in the cupboard and what did he find ~ another pack of UNO cards. I didn’t think we had any ~ lesson learned check before buying stuff. In the evening we read and I checked emails on the computer. We ran the generator for about an hour.

After a breakfast of bagels & cream cheese we got ready to walk across the street to the carnival site. We arrived at 9:00 this morning and was told it would be about 15 minutes so just hang loose. We watched the set up guys busily working. Ron was just itching to get out there. He kept wandering around, just watching what everyone was doing. We then met briefly, and I mean briefly ~ like 2 minutes with Rick. He said Theresa would be in at 10:00 and then we would complete our paperwork and then learn how to sell tickets. Our first jobs will be as ticket sellers. Rick said, go grab some coffee and come back at 10:00 and when we complete our paperwork make sure we put down we started at 9:00 since that is when he told us to be there. Okay with us. We then walked back to the motor home for about 45 minutes.

At 10:00 we met Theresa and completed our paperwork. We chatted for a few minutes and then stood around waiting for Rick and Theresa to figure out who was going to teach us what. About 11:00 we were shown where the ticket booth is and we did some spring cleaning. The booth had not been cleaned since the end of last August and the Salem OR State Fair. Ron washed windows, I dusted and wiped down counters and swept the floor. It was so much nicer being all clean and shiny. We took a lunch break about 12:30. When we got back from lunch – we had walked over to the motor home, remember it was just across the street, Rick then showed us how to set up the computers and how to sell tickets. The training took all of about 15 minutes. One note of interest here ~ you no longer get tickets you get a little card like a credit card, that you put money on. You can use the card for rides, games and buying food. Pretty slick. Everything is computerized ~ Ron did pretty well and caught on pretty fast. He then had to reorganize how the booth was set up ~ putting the card reader (like a library card scanner) and the receipt machine in the right place.

We finished up with the training, talked with Rick & Theresa again about the plan for tomorrow and the rest of today. We met Kenny ~ he is in charge of the Camp and Ricky ~ he is in charge of transportation from the Camp to the Carnival. The Camp is about 1 1/2 miles from the Carnival site. After talking with them we then walked over to Target and bought white tee shirts. We have to wear white tee shirts under the uniform shirts. One nice thing we found out today is that each day of the carnival we are given a clean uniform shirt and we turn it in at the end of the day ~ one less thing I have to worry about washing :). About 5:30 we were told where the Camp was and we drove over there. I made a quick dinner of hot dogs, chili and carrots. After dinner we went out and met more of the people who work and travel with the carnival. There are three semi-trailers of condo’s (8 little bedrooms for the workers ~ we are so thankful we have the motor home to live in ~ feels like a mansion compared to the little condo rooms). Kenny showed up about 6:30 and showed Ron where to park the motor home. We are on a grassy area between one of the condo trailers and the big generator/truck that provides us with power. The generator runs from about 6:30 to 10:00 pm and again from about 6:30 to 10:00 am. Michael, one of the set up guys got us hooked up with water ~ it took 150 ft of water hose! But we have water and that is a good thing ~ we do have the water tank full on the motor home but it is nice to keep that for reserves.

Ron talked with one of the guys and he encouraged Ron to talk to Kenny about learning how to set up and tear down ~ they can always use the help so Ron will talk to Rick and Kenny about also jumping in right away and learning how to set up and tear down the rides. I know he is anxious to be busy and not just sitting/standing around ~ like we did a lot of today :).

The one piece of news is that everyone smokes! I told Ron we would have to take up smoking and he just laughed and said “I don’t think so.” I agree ~ that is one habit we won’t be taking up on this new journey.

And that brings us through the first day of our new life of working for the carnival.

Prayer requests ~

1. For us to meet and make connections with another Christian couple on this new adventure.

2. For clarity of mind tomorrow when we actually start the job of ticket sellers.

3. For me to get into the routine of packing our lunches and water bottles since we can’t just walk across the street to the motor home for breaks or lunch.

4. For us as we begin to build relationships and friendships with those we will be working with.

Praises ~

1. For the uneventful trip to Kelso.

2. For the warm greeting we have received from Rick, Theresa and the other workers.

In closing I just wanted to say Thanks for traveling with us along on this journey. We look forward to staying connected with each of you as we go. We love you all!

6 responses to “Our first full day!”

  1. I think you are well on your way with this job! Sounds like it will be something that you can enjoy and earn some money, too! Not a bad deal.Have a good weekend ahead.

  2. Yay! Day 1 completed! You have officially started your new adventure. We are thinking about you and praying for you. keep up the updates! : ) Love, Amanda

  3. Ron and Akice,We sure love hearing about your adventure. If you keep up this kind of detail, we will hear from you more often than when you lived just down the street. Maybe you should stay away for a year ( just kidding). Thanks for sharing and we are happy to be your prayer partners. Thanks for including us in your adventure.

  4. Hi Alice and Ron, This is such an unusual direction, it MUST be God! You are being given something totally new to discover and for that I am really excited WITH you in this! IT seems really a lot like when we were on the road for a year and a half in our airstream trailer, living with the Amish/Mennonites and then again in Austin, Texas with a Christian group there. Also, one winter up near Mt. Raineer (Raindeer?)… it just seems too amazing sometimes how many things just WORK OUT perfectly as we let the Lord have control of each thing. I LOVE how you ask for specific prayer requests and thus see HIS provision in answering! Already, I see that He is showing you just what you need and we know He is going to provide even as He is showing you how to ASK! He is Faithful! That is half the task, knowing how to ask! God Bless you both, Alice and Ron, as you begin this adventurous season! Love, Roxine & Kurtis

  5. Getting that first day out of the way is always nice.That card thing that you wrote about it a nice upgrade to the way it used to be done.We are looking forward to following along since we have some \”firsts\” coming up too in a month or so.Ken and Nanette

  6. This is all quite interesting. I like the way you put in all the little details of your day. I'm sure there will be many times you will be to tired to do so.First days are almost always hard because you don't know what to expect.

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