Answered Prayer and Other Thoughts

Hello dear friends:

I wanted to update you on answers to some of our prayer requests that we shared last week as well as share a couple of new prayer requests with you. Answers are in red.

1. For the money for my last two prescriptions to come in. One is $80.08 and the other is $96. Someone graciously loaned us the money to cover these two prescriptions as well as the two that Ron picked up on Monday of this week.

2. For Ron to feel better. He is fighting a cold. He needs to finish up a job at The C Shop and one for a customer in Bellingham. Ron saw Dr. Moore on Monday and we found out that he had a bad case of bronchitis. He started Ron on an inhaler and antibiotics. Today, Friday he is feeling somewhat better. He did finish the job in Bellingham as well as the one at The C Shop.

3. For the two outstanding invoices that is owed to us to be paid. We received payment for one of the jobs and that allowed us to pay the contractor who had helped Ron on that job. We have been told we should receive the $900 for the other invoice around the first week of April. Please pray that that money does come in as expected.

We continue to trust God each day as we travel this new journey. He is faithful and always near. We have seen answers to our prayers almost as soon as we have asked. On Monday after Ron saw Dr. Moore, he sent us over for Ron to get a chest x-ray, thinking that Ron had pneumonia and if that was the case we would not be able to leave on Sunday as planned. On our way to the x-ray place I prayed for Ron to not have pneumonia. Monday night Dr. Moore called and said Ron did not have pneumonia – thank you God for that answer to prayer.

Prayer requests that I want to share:

1. For tomorrow, Saturday to go smoothly as we both will be going in multiple directions finishing up our “to do” lists. Errands have to be run, appointments kept and a few final visits with friends.

2. For Sunday as we deliver the Suburban to Marquez and Nicole and then go to church at Northwood. It is with mixed emotions that we are looking forward to that day. We are so excited to actually get on the road and start our new life for the next six months, yet sad to know that we are leaving our friends and family for an extended period of time. I am so thankful to God for the calmness that has enveloped me since we sent out the first emails inquiring about working for the carnival, to going to Portland for the job interview and the peace that we both have had as decisions have been made as we move one foot in front of the other regarding this new adventure.

3. For good rest for both of us.

4. For continued healing for Ron from the bronchitis.


1. For continued healing for Ron.

2. For the work that Ron and I both had this week.

3. For good friends to share meals with. For lots of laughter and stories shared. For how this helped with not having to buy so many groceries this week.

4. For friendships and help the last few weeks as we have readied the motor home, storage unit and ourselves for this new adventure.

Side note: if you are in the Blaine area this weekend we would love to have you visit at Northwood on Sunday as we celebrate God and worship together with our Northwood family. The service starts at 10:00 and the church is on the corner of 6th & C in Blaine. We plan on leaving from the church around 12:30 p.m.

Thank you for keeping up with our family through this blog. I enjoy writing and sharing what we are doing and how God is working in our lives. Today as I finished up working at the church I had a couple of moments thinking this is the last time I will run the bulletin off, fix the power point, do the script for the service and I felt sad. Sad that I won’t be doing something I know how to do and enjoy doing. Sad that we won’t be here for Easter, we won’t see the lilies on the altar, we won’t see Opal, Jamie or Suzanne, sad that there will be no trips to Lewiston this summer, sad that changes are a happening. YET, I was excited. Excited that next week Ron and I start new jobs. We get to try new things. We get to meet new people. Excited that Ron and I will get some traveling in, see new parts of Washington and Oregon and excited to see how God will work in our lives as we share our relationship with Him with others. We are excited that some friends are going to try to see us this summer at one of the fairs that we will be working. Excited that changes are a happening.

People have asked how often I plan on updating my blog. I don’t know. Right now I know that I plan on updating on Sunday, March 21st after we arrive at Chehalis Thousand Trails and again on Wednesday, March 23rd at the end of our first day of work in Kelso/Longview at Three Rivers Mall.

That’s all for now from the little town of Blaine. I will write more on Sunday night. Please keep us in your prayers as we have a big travel day on Sunday.

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