Doing Some Catch Up

Thought I would take a few minutes to just write while waiting for Ron to get back home.

Today is a day of celebration! Opal is two today! It is so hard to believe that two years have gone by already. Most of you know she started out at 1 lb 15 oz but you could never tell that from looking at her today. We were able to spend some time with her last Saturday. It is so fun to watch her walk and run, carrying her little baby and giving such great big hugs and kisses. We sure do enjoy her and will definitely miss seeing her while we are gone for six months. We will be celebrating Opal’s birthday on Saturday with Jamie, Suzanne, Opal and extended family on both sides. Can’t wait to see everybody. Sorry that Brandon, Danalynn and the boys won’t be able to join us.

We have been busy working on the two storage units. The big unit is now organized and you can actually walk down the middle of it and find things that you are looking for. On Monday we worked on both units and Ron made a trip to Goodwill and the dump. Hopefully Friday, Saturday or early next week we will be able to move the last of the stuff from the small storage unit into the big storage unit. Ron thinks it will just take a few hours to be done with that job.

We have had more answers to prayers – we have a place to park the truck while we are traveling – yeah! And the suburban also has a home while we are gone. Yes, that’s right we are not going to have a second vehicle while we are traveling/working with the carnival. Ron says it will be no problem as we will stop for groceries and to do luandry as we move from one carnival site to another. We will save money by not having to pay for gas for two vehicles.

A friend has offered to pick up our mail and send it to us every few weeks. I was excited that she agreed – gives us more reasons to call each other while we are gone.

We made our rounds to the doctor’s this past week. We received encouragement from each of them and got the medications lined up so they only need to be filled every three months.

Today we are moving from Beachwood to a friends place. We will be house sitting while they are off in Hawaii playing and relaxing. A treat for me is that they have a washer/dryer that we can use – no trips to the laundromat this week!

The weather here in Blaine can’t decide what to do today. It started out gray and raining and now the wind has picked up and the sun is shining. I love that sunshine!

We are thanking God for the work that Ron has had this week. And that Ron’s shoulder is doing much better. It still aches some at night but he is able to use his arm without much problems. I have also had a couple of extra days of work at The C Shop. It smells good there – they are in high production mode of making lots of bunnies! But as I shared with Patrick yesterday, I am so glad I don’t work downstairs – it is cold and I would be so tempted to eat some of those bunnies.

Prayer requests this week are for us to continue to have work so that we can pay our bills and put a little away for the first few weeks of traveling/working with the carnival until we start getting those regular paychecks. Also for continued healing for Ron’s shoulder. And for thing to continue to come together as we prepare for this major move/change in our lives.

Just heard from Ron that he is on his way home so I guess I should wrap this up for now. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop us an email. We love to hear from you.


6 responses to “Doing Some Catch Up”

  1. So glad that you stopped by. Feel free to stop in any time! I also enjoyed learning more about you here on your page.

  2. Hi Alic, found you on Backyards and Driveways! Enjoyed reading your posts and life story. Praying that God continues to bless you on your life journey. Sincerely, Cheryl in OHIO

  3. Alice, thank you for joining us on Our Life on Wheels! You are going to be our first \”Carnie\” followers! We are impressed with your faith and reliance on God. We are not as open, perhaps, with our faith, but we know He has been watching out for us all along, and we will someday tell you stories of His guidance and protection. In the meantime, travel safe!

  4. unpredictablejourney Avatar

    Hey Ali, Thanks for leaving me a comment! Good question as for how to check how many views to your blog….. I had a blogger blog once and it ended up being too hard to figure things like that out so I upgraded to a wordpress blog. WordPress has a lot more available than blogger does. WordPress does not have the music feature though (which I LOVED about blogger). I do remember when I had blogger I could keep track of who came and went through a widget (do you know what widgets are…?) that allows you to see whoever looks at your page. It showed their location and what time they went and how long they spent there and what they clicked on while on your page. I can only suggest you google it and hopefully can come up with something for blogger. WordPress has it built in… it is on your homepage (dashboard) and you can check it every day to see how many views, clicks, and get a total tally of views for a month or year etc.Good Luck with the carnival adventures! I cant wait to get on the road myself. I am antsy as we are trying desperately to finish our 'home base' so that we can 'LEAVE'…. a little backwards but it works for us.Take Care,Amanda

  5. Keeping you all in my prayers! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hello Alice,I'm looking forward to reading your blog. Thank you for becoming a follower for mine. Merikay

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