Can You Spelll FRUSTRATED?

Okay, we got ready to hit the road this morning. First stop Albertson’s for some groceries, then onto Costco for more groceries and gas. All was going smoothly.

Now onto the Copper Mine. The motor home started acting up again, acts like it is struggling to get gas. We just looked at each other and sighed.

At the mine we decided to turn around. As we drove out I asked Ron where were we headed. He asked me where did I want to go?

A: Home
R: totally quiet
A: We said if we had any more problems we would head for home.
R: You are right.
R: Let’s go back to SLC and rent a car for a couple of days and so some more sightseeing and then head for home on Monday or Tuesday.
A: That sounds okay to me.

So back to KOA we went. They gave us a weekly rate instead of a daily rate since we had already been here for two nights. 🙂 We then set up the motor home and got ourselves situated. We then got online to find a rental car. Avis had the best deal so Ron took the shuttle to the airport to pick up the rental car. I am writing my blog and on Facebook.

So our new revised plan is to go to the Copper Mine tomorrow, to Antelope Island on Saturday, find a church to attend Sunday services and then reorganize our itinerary to head out on Tuesday for Blaine. Not sure of the route yet, we will decide that on Sunday night.

We have already talked and decided to still go to my aunt & uncle’s for Thanksgiving…just in the Suburban. Kristy has already said she can take Charlie Brown for us during that time ~ Thanks Kristy ;)!

We may not understand why all the delays but we are trusting the Lord as he leads us on this journey. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as we have traveled this journey (keep praying we aren’t back in WA yet).

I will do an update of our new plans and new itinerary before we hit the road on Tuesday headed for Blaine.


One response to “Can You Spelll FRUSTRATED?”

  1. Oh, Alice, I'm so sorry that this trip has been such a struggle! I was truly hoping this would be a time of rest and refreshment for you. Try to focus on the things that have gone right and trust that God has reasons for you not traveling down the roads you haven't gotten to. hugs,dee

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