Just needed to share…

Just wanted to share how the Lord was with us today in our travels.

We woke up early this morning to get on the road to Crater Lake but first we thought we should check road conditions…good thing we did…Crater Lake Park was CLOSED! We quickly did some thinking and reviewing of the maps and found an alternate route to Winnemucca, NV.

After a quick breakfast we were on the road.

We were eight miles out of a little town called Christmas Valley, OR when we blew an oil hose. Smoke billowed inside and out of the motor home and Ron quickly stopped on the side (as far on the side as he could get). We jumped out hoping the darn thing wasn’t on fire. After the smoke cleared Ron looked underneath and there was a puddle of oil dripping out of the motor home. I sat at the kitchen table and just said “Lord, I don’t even know how to pray” shortly thereafter a man stopped, looked under the hood, said he knew a good mechanic and got on the phone. He couldn’t reach the guy so gave us his number to keep trying (Lesson learned – get the area code when in a different location because we had no way of calling…important thing but once again the Lord came through). About 15 minutes later the man was back to tell us Kenny was on his way (Kenny is the mechanic). Someone else stopped asked what the problem was, told him we were leaking oil bad; he called his wife, she brought us out 10 qts of oil, refused any money for it and left. Kenny showed up about 45 minutes later…crawled under the motor home, saw the hose had blown off ~ it was shot as he put it, and knew exactly what to do…he cut the hose and put it on again (the end had frayed!) Charged us $80 for the call out and repair and we were on our way again. We thanked the Lord for the angels he sent our way and thanked Him for the quick repair. We were back on the road 90 minutes after it all began.

Now for an update on our time in Bend…we spent time reading and playing cards…I skunked Ron twice at cribbage :)…he beat me at war, played backgammon and checkers, watched “Are We Done Yet?” the sequell to “Are We There Yet?”, Ron went hot tubbing a couple of times (toooooo cooooollllllldddddd for Alice) and we went on a couple of long walks as well as did a couple loads of laundry ~ the never ending job.

On Wednesday we went to the High Desert Museum…spent almost 3 hours there…beautiful grounds, lots to see and history coming alive…and then we went to the Lava Caves – they were closed but we were able to get out and go for a walk up the Lava Rock path and through the treed area. The rain held off until we were back at our campsite. It actually started to rain AFTER Ron got the lawn chairs put up in the carrier on top of the rig!

Our time in Bend was good and yet it feels good to be back on the road again. Tomorrow we are heading for Winnemucca…if you think of us say a prayer as we have to climb a 6180 ft mountain pass and we all know how the motor home doesn’t like to climb those mountain passes.

Well, that’s all from here…hope everyone is having a good week. Love to all, Alice and Ron

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