Sad Change in Plans

It is with sad news that I write this afternoon. Due to the problems with the motor home (the biggy being the motor home cannot pull the trailer with the Explorer on it over the mountain passes) we have had to stop and regroup and make some changes to our plans.

We are currently in Alder, MT and will be leaving here in the morning heading back to Deer Lodge, MT for two nights. We hope to do some sightseeing in Deer Lodge. Tuesday morning we will begin our return trip to Blaine. We plan on going over Highway 90 to Spokane and then head West on Highway 2 to Stevens Pass/Everett and then finish the trek home where we will regroup and decide what to do about our vacation plans. We do know at this time we will not be going to Atlanta as planned.

We are disappointed that we are not able to do the trip as we had planned but we are praising the Lord that with all the motor home problems that we were not involved in any accidents and that we have still had a good time.

We currently don’t have cell phone service and are using the WiFi here at the campground. We also want to thank everyone for your prayers as we have traveled thus far.

I will update more in Deer Lodge and as we travel home.

Alice and Ron

3 thoughts on “Sad Change in Plans”

  1. Mom,Let us know if there's anything we can do. Maybe we can come get the trailer, so Jim doesn't have to drive all the way to Montana, or something. Brandon

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