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The Helpfulness of Strangers

I learned a valuable lesson today about worrying. I have been worried about our upcoming trip and the possibility that something could go wrong and what would I do if something happened to Ron. Many of my friends have been telling me that there would always be someone around to help me. I would tell myself I believe them but then continue worrying.

Well today as I sat drinking my cup of coffee and listening to the wind blow I wondered if I could close the awning by myself or if it would be okay till Ron returned from Everson. As the wind picked up, I decided to go out and hook the awning to the motor home to at least try to keep it from blowing over in the wind especially since the one leg had already blown up towards the motor home. I hooked each leg into the side of the motor home, thinking that went well. As I was standing looking at the awning a couple drove by. The woman rolled down her window and asked if I needed some help with the awning. I politely answered “no” thinking “what the heck am I going to do?” After a quick conversation of “I think it will be okay” along with a note of hesitancy in my voice, the lady and her husband were out of their car. The lady said a couple of times, “it’s no problem us helping you. It’s better to put it up then chance it blowing up and over the motor home. It’s really windy and it’s not supposed to let up.”

We began the task of loosening the metal bars and rolling up the awning. It got stuck two or three times and finally another gentleman came over and talked with the first man. They set right to work, loosening up another bar and locking it into place along side the motor home while the woman and I held onto the ends. All of a sudden one man said, “let it roll” and wha la , it rolled up. The only problem one side was taller than the other. “That’s okay.” said one man as he pulled down on the side railing popping into place.
The woman, said “nice job guys” and to me added “there, now you don’t have to worry about the awning blowing over with the wind coming up as it is” as if she had been reading my mind.

I thanked them all a couple of times and as they each left on their way, I thanked the Lord for sending me help before I even asked for it and for the reminder that I am not alone. You see, God showed me in this little experience that He will always take care of me and that I need not worry about things going wrong on our trip.

2 responses to “The Helpfulness of Strangers”

  1. You are so right, especially in RV parks. There is always someone to help you. If no one offers, go to the office,and ask. Someone will be there in minutes to assist with whatever you need.

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