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A Wonderfully New Day

What a beautiful day I had today!

God is so good and blesses in so many ways. I had lots of things on my schedule to do today and was wondering how it would end.

1. Doctor appointment in Bellingham ~ drove 29 miles to doctor’s appointment, got there and it was canceled. No problem, had to drive to Bellingham anyway to go to Costco.

2. Went to Costco ~ in and out in 15 minutes! A new record I am sure.

3. Worked at Northwood ~ did the attendance, answered phone messages, readied the bulletins from Sunday to go out in the mail.

4. Went to the post office and then dropped off a suitcase at a friend’s. Thanks Amanda for letting me borrow it.

5. Worked on my story for two hours. Started a class at Whatcom Community College “Memoirs: Where Memory and Story Meet” on Monday nights. This week’s homework is “The Day I was Born” and so I did some research on the internet and found out I need to go to my library to try to get information from San Francisco ~ go figure! Guess I will be going there tomorrow afternoon and maybe even Friday morning.

6. Went to a friends to do laundry, shared a delicious meal with her family and another friend and her two young daughters (four of our adopted grand girls). The girls, ages 4, 6, and two 8 yr olds) have decided that if I am their Grammy then they must be cousins!

And came home to spend the rest of the evening with Ron. God blessed in so many ways: a sunny spring day, appointment canceled gave me free time to write, and lots of time visiting with friends and playing with grandkids given to us by the Lord! Who could ask for more…

Wishing all who read a blessed day!


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