A Rainy Morning

It is a cold and wet rainy morning here in Blaine. I don’t think I am complaining just commenting. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.

I have not posted a lot lately, not sure what to write. So thought today I would just drop in, add a couple pictures of the kiddo’s, and say hello.

When we were in Las Vegas last fall after my sister’s death, we were able to go to the cemetery where Royce is buried. Here is a picture of his marker. Sometimes it is hard to believe that he has been gone for over 31 years. Sometimes I wonder what he would be like had he lived but then I remember that he had many health complications and life would not have been easy for him.

In reflecting about Royce, I am reminded how blessed I am to have Jamie and Brandon here with us. Jamie is doing well. Busy working at Fred Meyer’s in the electronics department and helping Suzanne in raising Opal. Opal is almost a year old. She has been the trooper and is growing stronger every day. She is now off of all the oxygen and is trying hard to walk. Here are a couple of pictures of her from earlier. I will get lots of pictures on her birthday to share.

The above picture was taken around Thanksgiving. Because I was so sick with a bad cold at Christmas time we were not able to spend any time with Jamie, Suzanne or Opal.

Here is a picture of Max and Christopher taken at Christmas time when we were in Boise. I hope to get more pictures from Danalyn & Brandon that I can share with all of you.

Well, I guess this is all for today. I will write more later. Hope everyone has a good day.

One response to “A Rainy Morning”

  1. Your grandchillen are beautiful. I know you are proud of them.

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