33 Years of Married Life

Today Ron and I celebrate 33 years of married life. This morning we woke up early (4:28 a.m.) to the wind blowing and the realization that the water pipe to the toilet had frozen! A lot of bustling happened then…moved the little heater into the bathroom, turn the water on in the bathroom and kitchen sinks (the tub was already running as it has been for days), turn the propane furnace up a little more and then prayed that all the heat would thaw the pipe before it breaks. It is not the easiest pipe to see or fix and the thought of it breaking is not good.

Back to bed and snuggling close to get warm once again…it was only 52′ in the motor home. As we laid there in each others arm’s we began sharing memories of our time together.

— we met on June 22nd at a little church in Las Vegas…ask me sometime about how it came to be that I was at that church that morning.

— we were engaged on July 21st…Ron said he was going to Washington state and asked if I wanted to join him. I told him the only way I could go was if we were married; I knew my mom would never let me travel with a guy for a two week vacation! The next day, Ron asked me to marry him and I didn’t hesitate for a second.

— we were married on December 20th…the wedding was supposed to begin at 1:00 but due to my step-dad being late to the house thus making our arrival at the church delayed. The wedding actually began around 1:30. Highlights of our wedding included my favorite teacher from high school making the trip to Las Vegas and having Johnny Cash sing at our wedding.

— heard the day after our wedding that the restaurant we had shared our wedding dinner at had been bombed about 15 minutes after we left.

— you know your husband loves you when he gets up at 2:00 a.m. on your wedding night and goes out for Oreo cookies and Dr. Pepper! What a guy???

— you know your wife loves you when she encourages your singing talents!

— you know your husband loves you when he doesn’t complain too much about his wife putting her freezing cold feet on his warm legs!

— you know your wife loves you when she holds you close and tells you things will be OK and doesn’t get mad about all the teasing that comes her way!

— years passed, Royce and Jamie were born; we dealt with the first major crisis of our married life, the death of our precious baby boy, Royce. The memory that we share most often about that time was how my mom told us after a trip to the hospital to see Jamie that we had to postpone Royce’s funeral from Saturday to Monday as Ron’s parents would be arriving on Sunday. Pete had flown from Alaska to Seattle and then the family drove to Las Vegas. Ron was so glad that his Dad was coming to be there with us at such a difficult time.

— then we moved to Holland. What an experience! We were there for 13 months. Jamie turned one, we met lots of new people and learned about the culture and people of Holland. We remembered the weekly trips that Ron and Jamie used to take to the market on Saturday mornings to buy Mommy a bouquet of flowers! What a delightful treat!

— we moved back to the states in January 1979. In February of 1980 we welcomed Brandon into our family. We laugh now about Ron having to clean the windshield of the pickup three times due to the snow that kept falling. And the extremes that our son’s were born into – it was 110′ degrees when Jamie was born at only 3 lbs 12 oz and it was below freezing with lots of snow falling when Brandon was born and weighing in at 9 lbs 13 oz.

— we reflected on how God has provided for us over the years with work, friends and family to love and support us, resources during very difficult times: Brandon’s heart surgery, dealing with a house fire, emergency surgeries too numerous to recount, multiple eye surgeries and the need to have new artificial eyes made. For God’s comfort during the passing of grandparents, parents and dear friends.

— we reflected on the good things: Alice’s graduation from community college and WWU, the safe return of Jamie from Iraq, Brandon’s graduation from NNU (ten years in the making:), the wonderful addition of a daughter-in-law, Danalyn, a new grandson, Max, and the miracle births of Opal Rae and Christopher Michael.

— we talked about the different adventures we have been on…the move to Holland, buying our first home, doing the things I said I would never do…move to Blaine and live on the farm (all of Anne & Pete’s kids lived in the farmhouse along with all six of their grandchildren). The decision to move into our motor home, yes we are beginning our third year on this adventure and still hope to travel around the US working with churches and/or Christian camps.

— the many blessings of God: healthy children, healthy grandchildren, a wonderful and loving church family, so many friends we can’t name them all, a love so special between Ron & I, and most importantly our shared belief in Jesus Christ!

Being married is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!!!

2 thoughts on “33 Years of Married Life”

  1. it sounds like yours was a match truly made in heaven. I didn't meet FabGrandpa until I was 39 and he was 42. We had both been around the block a couple of times before we met, but he has truly been the best husband, and friend, I have ever had. We sold our house and moved into our travel trailer in Aug 2000, and have not regretted one minute of it. I hope your dreams of working at Christian camps comes true for you.

  2. Hi Alice and Ron,Belated congratulations on your \”long haul\” 🙂 We are not far behind; in 2009 we will celebrate our 30th. Our kids have mentioned how unusual it is for them to have parents who are not divorced compared to most of their friends!

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