Jamie’s Car

So you all know that when I had Jamie’s car I was hit by a car backing out of the post office. Well…Suzanne took his car to work on Monday. While working there was an overhead page for the owner of a black, Honda Del Sol to come to the customer service counter. Suzanne went to find out what was wrong. A man had backed into it in the parking space!

The car is so darn SMALL, that it is often hard to see that it is in the spot and this guy pulled into it – denting the front end all up!!

So now Jamie has to get the front end and the right rear panel/bumper repaired! He told his Dad that “NO woman will ever drive his car again!”

I feel so bad for Jamie, but then again, we rejoice – no one was injured in either accident and the car can be repaired. It is just a big inconvenience to get it to the shop, get a rental car……

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