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New Adventures on the Horizon

If you have followed along for any length of time on our blog for the past 15+ years, you know we say our plans are written in jello ~ which means our plans are flexible and can change from time to time. And once again they are a changin!

After much prayer, talks, prayin’ some more and more talkin’ and prayin’ we made the decision to leave Big Creek Missions and take a job in Oxford, NJ. Our last day at Big Creek Missions was Wednesday, March 8th. After one more “edible” delicious breakfast prepared by Kevin, we did the final loading of the trailer and began our trek to New Jersey. Well in a roundabout kind of way.

We started in Bear Branch, Kentucky
Once we crossed into Tennessee we had to deal with

and so thankful for Ron from North Carolina who stopped
and tightened the lug nuts!

Before Ron from NC stopped Ali tripped over Ron leading to

then we dropped the trailer in Apiston, TN
and continued on our way to
Land O Lakes, FL where we got lots of
Grammy & Grandpa HUGS!!!

Tomorrow, Tuesday we will begin our trip to New Jersey,
stopping in Milledgeville for the night,
Picking up the trailer in Apiston, TN on Wednesday
and then making our way to New Jersey!
Our plan is to arrive on Friday, St Patrick’s Day!

While here in Florida, CharlieBoy has decided to make his home with us ~ he is a sweetheart, 4 year old coonhound with a little mix of Sharpei thrown in for good measure. He already follows us around, sticking to us like glue 😁. We are excited to start this new journey with this new baby!

We are looking forward to checking out New Jersey as well as the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Massachusetts and hopefully taking time to get to Maine to fulfill one of Ron’s dreams ~ standing in the farthest northeast corner of the continental US in Maine…fulfilling is dream of being able to say he has been in all four corners of the continental US.

Stay tuned for updates of our journey to New Jersey,
as we settle into our new jobs, look for a new church family to connect with and seeing more of the beautiful land we call home.