Yesterday afternoon was a bit unnerving…as many of you know, Ron’s cousin Erv passed away the end of April from a major TBI after falling 20’+ off a ladder ~ late yesterday afternoon, J, our boss came into the office and said Ron was pretty dirty and didn’t say anything else. About 15 minutes later Ron walked or should I say hobbled into the office. He looked like he had been for a swim in a mud bath full of twigs…I asked him what happened…he was quiet then quietly said “I fell off a ladder.” I think my heart stopped for a second…it took the brain a few minutes to catch up that he was standing in front of me so he was okay…well at least he was upright and moving.

I asked him what happened…he said he thought he was on the bottom rung of the ladder (he was actually two steps up) and stepped down. And down he went…he landed on his left butt cheek (thank goodness for padding) and then rolled into a small portable heater. He laid there for a few minutes, checking to make sure nothing was broke and like typical, STUBBORN, Ron he got up and finished what he was doing. About that time J came into the maintenance shop.

I will be honest, my first thoughts were “sure hope you didn’t break anything” AND “you fool, why didn’t you call someone on the radio or the phone???” and then I thought of Psalm 46…God is our refuge and our strength in times of trouble and was so glad for God’s protection of Ron has he fell.

Once again, I am reminded – anything can change in a moment. Make sure to tell those you love and care about “I love you” for you never know when something horrible could happen.

Psalm 46 reminds us often that God is with us during the difficult and scary times just like he is with us during the good and pleasant times.

After Ron went back to the trailer I picked up my pen and realized that I was shaking and quickly thought of

Be Still,
Just Be Still,
and Give Thanks!!!

Later in the evening as I was watching Ron rest in the recliner so many friends and family came to mind: Tina, Marvalie, Angie, Anita and the whole Bach family, and Miriam who have all recently lost their spouse (father, grandpa, son, brother and uncle) unexpectedly and quickly and I was feeling a bit unnerved…as we never know when something can and will happen. And the song

came to my mind. And so today I begin today saying It is Well with My Soul BUT that is only because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that no matter what happens here on earth I will never be truly alone as my Jesus walks side by side with me.

In closing, just remember we are never promised tomorrow, so say and do what you need today ~ and keep your faith in Jesus, knowing no matter what happens
He is always with you!!!