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Month: March 2016

  • Life ~ Hard at Times YET God Blesses Us!!!

    Yesterday was a rough day.   Just as we were going into our weekly Regional Call Ron got word that our sweet Aunt Erma breathed her last here on earth shortly after 1 am yesterday morning.  We will miss her tons, especially her “I love you girl!”   Aunt Erma w/me 2011 I don’t have…

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  • Dad ~ comes in many forms

    Woke up this morning from a bad dream, dreamt someone I love very much had died, we were in a very familiar place yet very different yet those who I love dearly were there in the scene.  And some who I have not talked to in quite awhile were present and some who I didn’t…

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  • The Battle is Not Mine Alone

    Rough night last night…Ron has been coughing a lot and ended up sleeping in the recliner with the back almost straight up.  He was just at the doctor on Thursday and they both thought it was allergies but now I am not so sure.  This is not a good time for him to be sick…

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  • Day One ~ it’s a Start

    My plans don’t always go as planned but through it all I know Jesus has my back. We were not on call last night and had just fallen asleep when the phone rang at 10:14; Ron got up and answered it and the grandson of one of the residents needed into the building (we lock…

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  • A New Day and a Familiar Reminder

    What a difference a good night’s sleep makes. Yesterday was a difficult day for me beginning with my appointment with Dr. Cadar…yes he shook me in my boots and I know it was a good thing.  I spent most of the day looking up carbs, carb counters, low carb foods and stressing about my health…

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  • Rambling On

    Once again it’s been awhile since I have spent time writing.  So I begin a new 🙂 Went to see my doctor today.    Not the most pleasant of  visits but nothing surprising as I was expecting a not so pleasant visit.  My A1C is 8.6 – way too high!!!  My weight is on the…

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