Alice’s Headache Woes

As many of you know I have been dealing with some pretty strong migraines since the middle of September.

I think I went about 2 weeks without a major headache and then this past Sunday, 11/30 I woke around 1:00 a.m. with a horrific headache – definitely a 10 on the pain chart! I tried to go to church and did get Communion set up with the help of Edith – thanks Edith and the bulletins stuffed. By then I thought I was going to get sick! So back home I went.

I spent all of Sunday and most of Monday in the bed or on the couch. I woke this morning with the pain 3/4. I went to the church to get the bulletins ready to mail, went to the post office and came home. By the time I got home the headache was back up to about a 6! I called Fred Meyer and the prescription for 12 pills is ONLY $304.50! Whippee! Yeah! don’t know anyone who can afford that type of cost for a prescription that may or may not knock out the headache. So being the resourceful person that I am ~ I searched the internet, found a voucher for 3 free pills (Maxalt) but can’t get the darn thing to print!!!! I did get a coupon for $20 off so now I only need $284.50…wonder how long that will take to find.

I think you get the jest of this writing…I have a horrific headache and am feeling frustrated that the drug manufacturers charge so darn much for a medication. How do they expect to sell the medication when it costs almost as much as the moon.

So now I am off to lay down on the couch and pray that my headache goes away. Ron and I have our first basketball game of the season tonight in Blaine. Boys tonight and girls on Saturday.

Talk to you all soon.


Just wanted to let you know I have added a new gadget on my blog. It is to the right of the blogs and called Followers. I think if you say you want to follow this blog you will get notification each time I write a new post – sign-up and let’s see if it works.

Quick Update

Greetings on this rare but sunny day in Blaine.

Just thought I would drop a quick note to say we are still here:) Jamie, Suzanne and Opal spent the evening of Thanksgiving with us and we ate the traditional turkey dinner.

How the turkey got cooked…Ron kept saying we could cook a 10-12 lb turkey in our little oven in our motor-home but alas the 12 lb bird we bought was just too big. So…in collaboration with Kathryn Brehmer (she was staying at the Alesse’s (The C Shop) along with her brother, sister-in-law and niece, Emma and nephew, Tom) her cooking was done around 3:15 and then our turkey went in. Cooked for 3 hours and was done, so we had a late dinner beginning around 6:30. All the food was delicious, Suzanne brought a cherry chiffon and a black-cherry chiffon and the only mishap was while Ron and I were cleaning up the dishes I realized the oven was still on. I opened it to find some very overcooked sweetpotatoes and very brown marshmallows! I tried to eat them the next day and they were quite discusting:(.

All is well with us and hope the same is true for you.

So you do your kid a favor!

So I am driving to work this morning when my cell phone rings. It is Jamie, the conversation goes like this:

Jamie (J) – what are you doing today Mom?

Alice (A) – I am heading to work at Northwood, why?

J – because Suzanne’s car is in the shop and Opal has a doctor’s appointment that we need to go to Bellingham and my little sports car can’t take all three of us.

A – well, do you want to use the suburban? You can bring me your car at the church and we will just trade vehicles so you can go to the appointment.

J – OK, see you in a few minutes.

I go to work at Northwood. A little while later Jamie arrives. We trade keys, I ask “are there any tricks with your car?”

J – none that I know of. Oh yeah, you need to use the remote to unlock/lock the door.

A – OK, good luck at the appointment. I will meet you back at the C Shop.

J – OK, love ya

A – love you too!

So I get back to the stuff that needs to be finished at Northwood. Walk out to Jamie’s little Honda Del Sol (remember I drive a huge Chevy Suburban) and try to get in. First I hit my head on the inside roof of the car then fall promptly into the seat of the car – feels like it is only 5″ from the ground! Can’t get the thing in reverse, luckily the car parked in front of me left the parking lot. I drive all of maybe a mile from the church to the post office. Turn left on Harrison, come to a stop because a car is backing up and BANG! a different car backing up hits Jamie’s car. I pull forward into a parking spot and this young mom gets out of the car ready to break into tears. She screams “are you OK?” I reassure her, tell her no need to cry, asking if she has insurance – yes she does. We exchange information and all I can think about is “Jamie is going to have my head! I get back in the car, oh I forgot – I couldn’t get the darn car to shut off so it has been running the whole time the other driver and I are talking.

I back out, drive around the corner to the drive up mail boxes and stretch as far as I can reach (remember the car is only 5″ off the ground and how high is the mailbox opening?) trying to put in 17 envelopes (mailing out the bulletins like a good secretary does) and what happens – 4 envelopes slowly fall to the ground – SO I pull forward in the car and try to dislodge myself from the seatbelt and seat. As I turn to crawl out of the car, another car pulls up behind me and the gal jumps out and says “I will get them for you.” I yell “thanks!” and put myself back in the car, hitting my head! I am beginning to hate that cute little car.

As I drive back to the C Shop I keep wondering what is Jamie going to say. How hard is it to drive a little sports car? I ponder how the conversation might go – nothing sounds too good. A little while later, Jamie pulls into the parking lot by the C Shop – thank goodness he pulled in on the driver’s side. I have a few second reprieve. I walk out to him and begin telling the story and he immediately starts looking over his car. We get to the passenger back corner and he just gasps. I say nothing. Then the conversation goes like this:

A – blubbering, trying to speak as fast as I can, explaining everything that happened (see above) and Jamie just stands there with a smile that is getting bigger and bigger.

J – Mom, its okay, it can be fixed – she does have insurnace right?

A – Yes she has insurance, don’t be upset with her, she couldn’t see the little car behind her Ford Explorer. Her hubby is in Alaska, she lives here in Blaine, has a little guy, just be easy with her.

J – I will Mom, just give me the information. He chuckles as he puts his lunch stuff in the Del Sol. He walks around to the driver’s door, gives me a hug & a kiss and says its going to be okay

A – I apologize again (2x) and Jamie pipes up with

J – Well I learned not to let a girl drive my muscle car (his 16 yr old girlfriend drove the car into a ditch 4 days after we bought the car for him when he was in high school) and now I have learned not to let a woman drive a sports car.” all said with Jamie’s crazy grin.

A – Have a good day at work and I hope you are really not too mad at me.

J – Mom, its okay. I will give Allison (the gal who hit me) a call on my break.

I watch as he backs up, rev’s the engine a little bit and we wave at each other. I think, Lord, give him a good rest of the day. And I will never drive that cute little Honda Del Sol.

I walk back into the motor home feeling sick to my stomach, one more issue for Jamie to have to deal with. Get something to eat (food always helps – just a bowl of soup) and decided to write about my little adventure today.

Hope everyone has a good day. All I know is Jamie can borrow the suburban any time he wants BUT this mom is not driving that little cute black shiny Honda Del Sol.

Where to Find Us in November & December

Just wanted to let you know where you can find us bunking down during November & December of 2008.

We began the month at The C Shop (they are open weekends through Christmas; you can reach them at 360-371-2070) and then moved to Beachwood. We were there just a couple of days when the power went out. We stuck it out for three days and then moved back to The C Shop. We stayed there for just over a week and are now back at Beachwood. We move back to Beachwood on the 19th until the 10th of December. We will return to Beachwood until the weekend before Christmas when we will return to The C Shop to nestle in for Christmas and New Years.

If you are not sure where we are or want to come by for a visit, just give one of us a call. We love to have company and can always be talked into playing a game of bowling on the Wii!

A Quick Note!

Just have to share – we bought a Wii a few weeks ago and finally got it up and running.

Three days ago, I decided that I could do the Wii from the couch. (I had toe surgery 1 1/2 wks ago so upright movement is not the easiest), anyway, Thursday morning was the first day on the Wii.

I was the ripe old age of 80; Ron was 71 😦

Bowling was pitiful for anyone who knows me – 114 😦

Yesterday I was 79! Yeah I dropped a year! and bowling was 124 – a little better.

This morning I had just 45 minutes before needing to leave to get to the church to work (I am at Northwood but as you can see I needed to share my news first!)

So, first off let’s see how OLD I am today – 38!!!!
Then to my game of bowling (I want to work up to 3 games a day) – much better to the way I used to bowl when I was a young thing:) 174!

I will share more, just wanted to share some great news.

Where Am I Today?

Today I am sitting in my motor-home wishing I had a fireplace sending off lots of heat. It is rainy outside.

We recently had to make an emergency trip to Laughlin, NV. My niece, Christine, telephoned me on Friday, 9/12 that my sister, Kathy, had passed away in her sleep. She was only 54. Needless to say this was a shock to all of us. Ron and I made the decision to drive to Laughlin (24 hr drive straight through) to be with family. After some long conversations we decided to drive down. Patrick & Patricia (from The C Shop) graciously loaned us their car for the trip. It got 30 mpg whereas the suburban only gets 15 mpg. After making arrangements for Charlie Brown (thanks Lynn and Tanya for keeping him) we decided to get a few hours sleep before making the trip. We left Bellingham at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning and arrived Sunday morning at 3:30 in Laughlin, NV.

We spent time with Christi & Ron (my niece and her husband), Marie & Russell (George’s daughter and husband), Joanie (my younger sister) and George (Kathy’s husband). It was good to be with family even under the sad circumstances that brought us together.

Sunday afternoon we all drove to Oatman, AZ. It is an old western mining town that has kept the theme of Old Western alive and well. They have donkey’s that run loose in town, you can feed them carrots but not the babie as they don’t have any teeth. It was fun and relaxing to watch the donkeys nuzzle up to trying to get the carrots. Marie had a bag of carrots in the basket on the scooter and one started eating right through the plastic bag:) We did find some cute baby outfits for Christopher and Opal and a cute t-shirt for Max.

We left Laughlin on Monday afternoon and went to Las Vegas. We spent two nights there, staying at WorldMark – Tropicana. On Tuesday we went to the cemetery where Royce is buried and visited the three churches we attended while living in Las Vegas. We met at Desert Hill Baptist which was a tiny church with only 30 or so members. The church is growing and has a great high-school and college group. There are 4 remaining charter members on the rolls. Our next stop was at Lamb Blvd. Baptist Church which we where we were married. We were not able to get into the church but did see that what was the original sanctuary is now Sunday School classrooms and there is a large building that looks like a new sanctuary. The fourth stop was at College Park Baptist Church which is where we dedicated Jamie and held Royce’s funeral. We were able to visit with one of the secretaries and share memories of times past. College Park has a new sanctuary along with the 2 story classroom building that was just being built when we left in 1977.

We also did the tourist thing in Las Vegas and went to M&M land – found an Indiana Jones t-shirt for Max, a football for Christopher and a purple bear with purple M&M’s for Opal. We had lunch at the Harley Davidson Cafe – sometime you need to ask Ron about the biker mama he saw there:)

On Wednesday we drove to Boise, arriving close to midnight. We spent Thursday in Boise. Ron helped Brandon with something with the roof and gutters and I played with Christopher most of the day. Max went to school and Danalyn was working. In the evening we all went to a Thai restaurant and visited together. It was good to get some Grandma and Grandpa time in. The interesting thing about our time there was Max was trying to come up with a name for me since he calls Danalyn’s Mom, Grandma – it is just too confusing having two grandmas. He decided that my new name is Gramsdude! Christopher can call me Grams. I ruled out Granny – Brandon’s choice, Diva – one of Max’s choices. I suggested Nanna but that got vetoed by everyone so Gramsdude it is!

We drove home from Boise on Friday, getting home around 8:30 p.m. Saturday found me in bed for the whole day fighting a horrific headache. I have been fighting the headache off/on since Saturday, 9/13. I have seen Dr. Moore and he prescribed a muscle relaxant which has helped somewhat. I have spent the last 3 1/2 weeks battling this headache. For the most part I have spent at least half of almost every day sleeping/resting trying to get rid of the headache. Right now I am waiting for a call back from Dr. Moore.

Since returning home from Laughlin Ron has finished up the roof at The C Shop along with a few plumbing jobs. I have worked for HomeConnection and also at Northwood.

All for now, back to snuggling under the blanket and waiting for Dr. Moore to call me back.


What’s Happening

Greeting’s on this beautiful sunny day here in Blaine. Woke up to the beautiful sunshine and very comfortable warm weather – have heard that we should have good weather at least through the end of next week – sure is making up for the wet and cool August we had.

We have had a couple of busy weeks. I used to think when September arrived things would slow down, we would get settled into a schedule but I think that is just a fantasy. September has arrived, the calendar seems to fill up every day with something that needs to be done and through it all the days are already starting to feel shorter.

I did see Dr. Moore this morning for a regular check-up and was delighted when I stepped on the scale and had lost 8 lbs! Made my day. He did encourage me to get on the exercise bandwagon and I told him I knew I needed to do that. He reminded me that 15 min. a day is better than none but the goal should still be one hour a day at least 5 days a week.

(Picture is Brandon, Danalyn, Max (hiding his face) and Christopher after Brandon’s return from Reno Memorial Day Weekend) We did receive some sad news on Sunday evening. Danalyn’s grandfather passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday morning. Brandon and Danalyn and the boys left earlier today to fly to Michigan for services and will be returning to Boise next Monday. On another note, Brandon has been substituting for the Meridian, ID school district almost every day since school started. He will be on the Boise school district site beginning October 1st. He was scheduled to take his English Praxis test this Saturday but since he will be out of town he will be taking that test in October. It is the final piece to getting his actual teaching certificate. Christopher and Max are doing fine. Max is loving the 4th grade and his best friend is in his class so that makes school even better. Christopher started day-care last week. He goes Tues, Wed, and Thurs. It is a small family day-care close to Danalyn’s work. With this schedule it allows Brandon to take those last minute sub jobs.

(Picture is of Suzanne and Opal from July 08 at The C Shop) Jamie, Suzanne and Opal are doing well. They are currently looking for a new apartment/house to rent. We would like them to stay in the Ferndale area but it looks like it might be south Bellingham. Either way we are glad they are close enough that we can see them most every week. Last Wednesday night we had the pleasure of keeping Opal while Jamie and Suzanne went out for dinner. Opal smiled and cooed a lot and was a joy to spend time with.

I will download the pictures that are currently on my camera and add more to the next posting.

Ron is busy this week tearing off and replacing a roof on the garage at The C Shop. It is so convenient having the motor home parked right there.

One new project I am working on is getting ready to teach a parenting class. It is called Positive Parenting and we hope to begin the end of September. Once all the details are finalized I will pass on the details of time, place, day o fthe week.

Well, I need to get get back to working on the lesson plans so will close for now. Wishing each of you a happy and blessed day. Keep in touch. Ali

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

We had a busy yet good week last week. Ron was kept busy at the Alesse’s rental house remodeling a bathroom, finished putting in a second bathroom and some other odds and ends.

I did my normal stuff – working at the church and The C Shop.

Yesterday was a day of rest for us. Went to church in the morning. Debbie presented about her upcoming trip where she will be working and ministering for the coming year overseas. Please keep her in your prayers as she finalizes her plans and makes this big move in her life.

For the rest of the day we just hung out in the motor home as it rained for most of the day – it even got chilly enough that I had Ron pull the electric heater out of the storage compartment and had it on for a few hours – who would think that we would need to use a heater in the middle of August.

This week we look forward to some family time. Jamie, Suzanne and Opal are planning on joining us tomorrow afternoon/early evening for some swimming time. Opal is doing well, weighs over 11 lbs and is cute as a button. She smiles a lot and enjoys being outside. On Thursday, my cousin Mike, his sweetie Betsy and my Aunt Cathie & Uncle Art will be in Birch Bay for a few days. It has been two or three years since we have seen Aunt Cathie and Uncle Art – we are so looking forward to catching up with them.

Well, I guess that’s all from here. I hope that you are each enjoying summer and that you have a blessed week.

Alice & Ron