Looking for the Positive & Rambling On….

It’s been awhile since I have written anything. The never ending cycle of my life…so much is going on and then again not much is happening in my world…being a Home Parent for 11 days, then resting & crocheting for 3 days, then 11 days of being a HP, then three more days of resting & crocheting.

Last Saturday night we attended a Drive In Concert at Sweet Home Hall…

Setting up for the Drive In Concert

We had a lot of fun…good ole fashioned country music, burgers and beer for those who wanted it. Three hours of visiting from a distance, listening to good music and seeing people having fun yet following the rules. I sure hope Sweet Home Hall does it again soon.

Two weekends ago we loaded the kidlets up in the truck and went for a drive and some essential shopping. First stop was gas ~ don’t want to run out you know. Then we took the kids to wave and yell HELLO to some friends…the only downside was the only downpour all day was when we were in their driveway so not much yelling between the kids and friends!!! But it was fun to see where they lived and we can’t wait to go back when we can have a real visit.

Then it was off to Walmart to pick up a prescription and HEB for some groceries…even got our first watermelon of the season. And it was delicious!!! Couldn’t believe we paid $5.98 for a watermelon…both Ron and I reminisced about paying 4 cents a lb so many years ago!!!! We did have to teach the kidlets that the best way to eat watermelon is sprinkled liberally with sea salt!!!!

And then the most important part of our essential trip…drive through Dairy Queen or as the kids say “The Place That Shall Not be Named!!” 3 mini blizzards and two ice cream cones later we headed for home!!! It was a nice 3 hour break from being home… all day, every day!!!

On another note…a friend of mine on Facebook posted this:undefined

And it hit a chord or two with me…so many people think their way is the only way and that’s just not true…we, each as individuals are as complex as we may be the same! And there is nothing that says we all have to be the same…yes, some of us may like some of the same things but I don’t believe there are two people on this earth that totally unequivocally are exactly the same, like the same things and not like the same things.

I get so tired of people saying stuff is 100% one way or another…I’m sure I will rock the boat or as someone told me yesterday ~ poking the bear with this statement…do I like everything about Trump…not at all BUT I do think he has done a lot of good things for our country. It’s like motorcycle helmet laws…do I think they are good…yes but I also think people should have the choice to wear them or not. Do I think someone would be stupid to not wear a motorcycle helmet while riding a motorcycle…you BET I do!!! But that doesn’t mean I stop liking or loving that person because we don’t believe the same.

The old adage…let’s agree to disagree and be an adult about things. And use common sense…which I know not everyone has or uses…heck I don’t use common sense sometimes…I know I open my mouth sometimes when I shouldn’t BUT I still do…then I have to deal with the consequences. And that’s the choice I make. That’s the choice each of us make when we choose to do or say or not do or not say anything.

When I sat down to write today I had lots on my mind but par for the course with children asking questions, the phone ringing because the boss had a question, having to stop and feed the kidlets my mind has wandered all over the place and now I can’t think of anything else to add…so check back soon to see what I am up to…I will try to not get into any trouble 🙂

Writing Prompt ~ March 9

I’m trying to find things to keep me busy…it’s not like I don’t have a To Do List a mile long…but who wants to do work when they can play??

So I did a google search for writing prompts…let’s write…is one thing I want to do each day and I’m not sure if everyone wants to read about the struggles of being a home parent to foster kids, listen to a mom complain about always being TIRED, or rambling so today I turned to my friend Google and found some different writing prompts.

Today’s is If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

That’s a good question because I do want to write a book. I would like to write a book about some of my life struggles so that maybe some of the pain I have had to deal with would/could help someone else. In fact, I wrote a story called Cycle of Pain, Cycle of Hope which was published in The Christian Leader in 1990. The story started out as a response to a comment that someone made to the editor that people who are abused should not go to their pastor…I was flabbergasted to say the least. IF someone who has struggled with either being an abuser or being abused CAN’t go to their pastor who the heck can they go to. And so I started a dialogue with the editor and he eventually asked me for my story. I wrote it not only in response to the comment to the person mentioned above but at the same time I submitted it in one of my English classes as an assignment. And to top it off I was paid $75 ~ that was the biggest surprise.

I have many topics that I would like to write about and have written in short story and poetry at different times in my life with the thought in the back of my head…some day I would write a book about the different situations I have dealt with, how I learned to deal with them and offer encouragement to others on those topics.

Some of the topics include depression – being asked “how does it feel to be in with all those crazies?,” “being told “if you had more faith you wouldn’t be depressed,” depression is for those who are weak; sexual abuse – the trauma of not being believed, how it almost cost me my marriage and my children; anger – displaced and for all the wrong reasons; parenting – it’s not easy being a mom; seeking help and being made to feel bad for asking for help; doubting your Christianity; and the list goes on and on!!

I have most of the journals I have written over the years…they sit in a trunk in my living room…I’ve thought of putting them on the computer and yet the task seems daunting and I ALSO WONDER what the heck do I do with all those journals…do I leave them for someone to dispose of after I die? do I transcribe them like I keep telling myself I want to ~ to use in the book I want to write.

I also would like to write some devotionals – sharing short stories about how the scriptures speak to me and lessons I have learned. I have one that I wrote called Walking the Dog, Walking with God – I shared it on a friend’s blog awhile back https://thisunexceptionallife.com/walking-the-dog-walking-with-god/ if you want to check it out.

Question of the Day?
Would you like to write something to be published? If so, what would you write about?

2nd Question of the Day?
What do I do with all my journals?

Changing Things Up a Bit

I’ve been thinking a lot about changing up my blog as I am getting back into the swing of things and taking my writing a bit more serious. As Ron likes to say “Ali hasn’t met a word she doesn’t like!” I’ve been thinking of revamping my blog and so I’m moving things over to WordPress instead of Blogger because it gives me a bit more flexibility and I can personalize things a bit more…well at least I think I can.

We will see!!

Let me know what you think of this new layout. What’s working and what’s not!!!

A Surprisingly Nice Day!

It is nice to have a nice day…
the sun shone for most of the day,
kidlets played outside from mid~morning till time to get ready to go to the campground potluck…lots of food, kids were great, had a couple of people come up and say how polite they were…always makes a mama’s heart feel good.
I like days where there are no arguments and everyone gets along.  Lots of kids here in the campground which kept the kidlets busy.  
Now they are all settled in for the night watching 
Ron has been busy reading a David Baldacci book “The Long Road to Mercy” and I have continued to just take care of me…I spent some time in the Word
and was encouraged “being renewed” as that is what part of this week camping has been for…to give us new and renewed energy as we begin this new year continuing as House Parents. And along with being renewed having a new attitude towards our health and being responsible and taking care of our physical body…God’s Temple…Habit #4 is Movement…just move at least 2 minutes a day!!

So today I drank 46oz of water (Habit #1) not as much as I would like but better than the 22 oz I had yesterday,

spent time in prayer before crawling out of bed (Habit #2)
eat healthy…I did pretty good at the potluck dinner having only one slice of cake instead of three or four desserts (Habit #3)
I sat outside in the sunshine for most of this afternoon, coloring and thinking of the many projects I would like to accomplish this year.  Lots of unfinished crochet projects, three Temperature Blankets…
Image may contain: stripes
one for Birch Bay, WA, one for Bonney Lake, WA and one for Yoakum, TX.  Once we are home from this camping trip I will be getting all my yarn together and start them…I want to do 5 to 10 rows at a time on each blanket…pictures will follow as they progress.
I also want to work on organizing our home…especially all the little cubbies that has stuff in it and once organized keep it that way.  And then getting our trailer organized so that on days off we can just hook up and go!!!
And like I mentioned yesterday I want to write more.
Right now I am just writing about our days and what is happening but in the days ahead I want to review the poems and short stories I have written and possibly submit some of them for publication.  I belong to a small group of writers and will be doing some guest blogging with them.  
I also want to work on Anne’s stories that she wrote and kept over the years…I would like to get them put on the computer to share with family.  And also finish a cookbook for another sweet friend who passed away many years ago…I would like to get it completed to give to her daughter and friends.
So you can see I have lots of things I want to do, now it’s time to get the lists going and prioritize what I want to work on.  
That brings me to…”I have a question” as Azzy likes to say multiple times a day…what tools do you use to keep track of your projects? your goals?
Do you work on everything a little bit every day OR
 do you set days aside to work on projects?
Do you set a deadline for working on specific things OR
do you just finish them as time permits?
I would love to hear your responses to my questions from today.


One more thing…if you are the praying type would you say a prayer for our friends who lost their mom this week and another friend waiting to get results from some medical tests.  Thanks!!!!