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Yesterday was a full day of training with a little bit of fun here in Houston.
Trust Based Relational Intervention
One of the their biggest points is
Playful Engagement
so of course we had to have some fun…
…a scavenger hunt here in the hotel…
our team had 5 ladies and we were the 
We didn’t win but we had fun and got lots of movement…we walked, ran (no I fast walked 🙂 ) we moved marbles down a pipe, skied on planks, had to figure out a couple of puzzles, dress up like crazy people…we must have a bit of crazy in us as we choose to work with kids from all ages!!!
Today we will be learning concepts and principles!!!
This morning the Lord spoke to me from multiple places about
trusting him and knowing He is always with me every step!!!
Well need to cut this short as I need to get down stairs for 
training day 2!
Have a blessed day!!
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A Quick Note

Yesterday woke up with a sore throat so laid pretty low for most of the day.
Today is another story.

Up at 5 to have about 45 minutes in the Word and with the Lord,
then time with the kiddo’s before taking them to school,
and then it was off to HEB to pick up some much needed groceries,
Walmart to get a coffee maker for the main cottage, scored some new T-shirts for Ron…the ones that dry quick when you sweat were on sale for $6.88 each instead of $9.99 so bought him six more!!

And then home to pack and get ready to head to Houston.
Ron is home with the kidlets
and I am in Houston for some training for work.

getting to spend time with
PJ…she is the daughter of my friend Merel,
haven’t seen her for years so it was good to spend a few hours with her
PJ is the same age as Jamie
and we go way back…her mama, Merel and I were pregnant with
Jeremy and Brandon at the same time…
it is truly a friendship made in heaven.

Fun to hear about her life in Houston and glad to reconnect.

I will be here for two nights and then back to the ranch on Wednesday evening.

TBRI ~ The TBRI Caregiver Training is designed to train staff/caregivers in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) equipping them with the skills and tools needed to be successful in their various roles.  We used TBRI when we were at MCH, well parts of it.  It will be good to learn more about it and how it works and how to use it as we care for our three kidlets.

Hope all who is reading this is having a great day!!!

Talk soon!!!