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I Need Some…

I really do…need to do my Weekly Log Notes, need to finish getting dinner ready, need some energy as I am really dragging…
…and here I sit, staring at the computer, scrolling through some of the stories & poems I have written over the years and I came across this one

Blood Sugars
By Ali Workentin
January 7, 2008

Blood sugars
Something I deal with every day
It seems to be in control of me!
Shouldn’t I be the one in control of them?

Blood sugars
Bothersome at times
Little pricks 4 to 5 times a day
Obstacle to my daily routine
Dangerous if too low or too high

Sweets, pasta, bread all effect my life
Usually I can tell if they are dropping or rising
Grateful I can still see and walk
Always have to be aware
Remember its just one part of my life
Something I deal with every day of my life.

Blood sugars
Something that I can work to control
They seem to have a mind of their own
Something I have to deal with every day of my life

Blood Sugars

And here it is 12 years later
and I still struggle with diabetes, blood sugars, highs & lows, changes in medication, new medication, stop a medication…I get so tired of checking my blood sugars and when I am physically and emotionally tired I get the attitude “who cares and does it really matter?”  I know it matters, I know when my blood sugars are consistently in range I feel better all the way around…I sleep better, I move better, my emotions are not all over the board and I’m a pretty likable person 😀

At the beginning of the year I participated in 5 Healthy Habits…
…water, drink water first thing in the morning ~ I was doing really well until about four days ago so it is time to get back on the wagon…I set my alarm to remind me to drink some water when I first get up…
…2 minutes in prayer…I have been successful about half the time so let’s get back on track in the morning Girl!!!
…move for two minutes…since Joey came into our life I have been walking every morning except yesterday ~ it was raining, no pouring and this lady does not go for walks in the rain.  I have been walking once and sometimes twice around the circle right after getting up…you know Joey needs to do his thing!!
…eat a healthy breakfast…well that has not been going so well…need to be more intentional on having a good breakfast.  It’s not that I have don’t have the stuff to make breakfast…I have eggs, bacon, veggies, oatmeal, eggs & sausage burritos…I just need to focus on the NEW HABITS
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The 15 days I did the Healthy Habits my blood sugars were in range 75% of the time…and as Katrina said from Day 1…if you do one thing different each day towards the betterment of your health you are one step closer to being healthy more times than not.  And to remember to give yourself credit for what you do that is healthy!!!

So here’s to new beginnings and as they say in TBRI…time for a ReDo!!!

How do you keep motivated to stick to healthy habits?

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A Quick Note

Yesterday woke up with a sore throat so laid pretty low for most of the day.
Today is another story.

Up at 5 to have about 45 minutes in the Word and with the Lord,
then time with the kiddo’s before taking them to school,
and then it was off to HEB to pick up some much needed groceries,
Walmart to get a coffee maker for the main cottage, scored some new T-shirts for Ron…the ones that dry quick when you sweat were on sale for $6.88 each instead of $9.99 so bought him six more!!

And then home to pack and get ready to head to Houston.
Ron is home with the kidlets
and I am in Houston for some training for work.

getting to spend time with
PJ…she is the daughter of my friend Merel,
haven’t seen her for years so it was good to spend a few hours with her
PJ is the same age as Jamie
and we go way back…her mama, Merel and I were pregnant with
Jeremy and Brandon at the same time…
it is truly a friendship made in heaven.

Fun to hear about her life in Houston and glad to reconnect.

I will be here for two nights and then back to the ranch on Wednesday evening.

TBRI ~ The TBRI Caregiver Training is designed to train staff/caregivers in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) equipping them with the skills and tools needed to be successful in their various roles.  We used TBRI when we were at MCH, well parts of it.  It will be good to learn more about it and how it works and how to use it as we care for our three kidlets.

Hope all who is reading this is having a great day!!!

Talk soon!!!