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It’s been a few crazy days out in blog land. I was able to get all my blog posts (796!) all imported into WordPress…and then I set up my Crochet and More by Ali page set up…

which leads me to ask…IF you have been the recipient of any crocheted items by me whether as a gift or special order I would love to have pictures…for some reason I am unable to locate pictures of all the crocheting I have done, especially many of the items I made while we were gate guarding…so again, I ask, if you received something from me, would you be so kind as to take a picture and send it to me or post in the comments. Thanks a bunch in advance for helping this ole’ gal out.

I have heard from a couple of you that you are enjoying this new layout/look of the blog and that is much easier to read…thanks for the feedback…and if you haven’t left a note…feel free to do so!!! I love to hear from my readers!!! And my stats show there are over 500 followers on this blog from when I first started it in 2013 when I was trying a few new things…so comment away!!!

Today I’m taking Joey in for his first grooming appointment since he came to live with us…we have given him a couple of baths (he does real well~just stands there) but he needs a good cleaning, nails clipped, hair trim and all the other stuff that goes along with getting groomed.

Thursday’s are my busy days…did my log notes for the week, email to the relief HP who comes on tomorrow, clean off my desk and get ready for whatever we are doing on our off days.

This weekend we are going to Kerrville, TX and to meet up with our friends and fellow RV’rs…Dana Ticknor and her kids. Looking forward to getting away for a couple of nights and going to the Hill Country again with maybe a stop in Bandera!!! It will also be our first time taking Joey on a trip…we will see how he does!!!


What do you like to do on your off time? Ron and I love to go on road trips and so one of our objectives this weekend is to see how well Joey travels and does in a hotel.

The other thing I really like to do on our off time is sleep in…can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday mornings to do just that. With the new requirement that all foster home/cottage homes/residential care facilities to have overnight awake staff 24/7 we don’t get to sleep in very often…though Ron and I do take turns sleeping in or even catching a nap or two.

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Just Some Rambling Thoughts…

Oh where have I been…well last Thursday, January 16th was our 39th day of working without a day off…mostly our choice but still 39 days is a long time to work without any time off…oh, we did have an evening off in December when a local church had a Date Night…and for us it was perfect because it was on our 44th wedding anniversary so we joined some friends from our Sunday School class and went out to eat.  
So Friday, January 17th after getting the kidlets off to school, stopping to have breakfast with a few people from our church we headed for home to rest and relax until the Candidate Forum at the Yoakum Community Center was to begin at 5:00p…well about 11:30a we got a text from our friend Donna that Joey needed help and a home and would it be possible for him to come and live with us.  So the text conversation went like this…
…BJ wants to know if YOU want a dog, 6 years old?
…What kind?  Is he house trained?  Fixed?
…Yes is house broken and yes he is fixed.
…When does he need to find a home?  Is he good around kids?
…Yes, he looks like Toto, he has papers but he is fixed so breeders don’t want him.  He belonged to BJ’s girlfriend’s sister but she is headed to prison for 15 years…girlfriend doesn’t want to keep him as she already has 4 dogs of her own.
THEN the conversation with Ron
…Honey, Donna wants to know if we want a dog?
…Ron says: no, smiles and asks what kind?  I show him a picture of Toto and I read him the messages between Donna and I.
And then Ron smiled real big
and showed me 
and then we were off to Lampasas (3 hrs away)
Joey joined our family!!!
He is a Cairn Terrier.
Not sure he really knows his name is Joey, 
and I have been calling him Sweetie
so in the next few days we will decide on a permanent name for him.
Any Suggestions????
So our first day off in 39 days was spent with being in the car for 7 hours!!!
Saturday was a day of rest, watching TV, getting caught up on NCIS, BULL, napping and lots of crocheting…trying to finish up a toddler blanket so I can get busy on one of the 15 other crochet projects I have on my list to do!!!

Sunday we went to Sunday School and church then joined some of them for lunch in Victoria at Grand Buffet….I filled up on sushi, even a ate a couple of Spicy Tuna Roll in honor of Max and then we headed for home.  We got home about 3:20p and I laid down, only to wake up at 6:30p…I guess I was still tired…then it was time for Hawaii 5O and Magnum before heading back to bed about 10:30p…

and then this morning it was up, take the dog out to go potty,
get dressed, take the dog out for a walk around the big circle 2x, then in for some time with the Lord…and the message today was 
Be Intentional!
Live each day as if it is your last!!
Prioritize People over STUFF!!
Live Authentically!!!
and then it was time to return to work and the kiddo’s…
first up was another two times around the circle with Julie, our Relief HP, to hear about how the weekend went, address some questions she had
and then chat with the kiddo’s…we knew the weekend was going to be hard as they had not been with anyone else but Ron and I for 39 days…
…they pushed some limits, tried some patience, and behaved great a a birthday party with total strangers so after Ms Julie left we had a little chat…okay AR would say a long chat…it doesn’t matter who is in charge of you, you have to follow the same rules,
thanks for being great at the birthday party,
now let’s work on following the rules whether it’s Ms Ali or Mr Ron or Ms Julie who is in charge…the rules are there for a reason, we discussed the reason and expectations and then we all went to our bedrooms, counted to 10 and came back together and began our day a new…you know the TBRI Re Do stuff…the kids played outside most of the day, Ron got a lot of the lawn mowed, I made sloppy joes for dinner, everyone got their showers 
and slowly the kidlets are heading to bed.
Tomorrow is a trip to Seguin to see the dentist,
then back to school and back to routines!!
Oh and hopefully a trip to the vet for shots and then the groomer for a trim for Joey!!!

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Sabbath = Rest and today it was!

This morning I woke up before the kids or Ron…I enjoyed reading a few scriptures and checking in to Healthy Free Life Community (a Facebook group) to see what Habit #5 was for today.
To refresh
Habit #1 ~ Drink water
Habit #2 ~ Pray for 2 minutes
Habit #3 ~ Eat a healthy breakfast
Habit #4 ~ Get moving
Habit #5 ~ Breathe (release stress)
As it was quiet and no one was stirring, not often happens with three little’s, I was able to drink a glass of water and fix my water bottle (it holds 24 oz and my goal is 4 per day and no, I didn’t reach that goal today…only made 48oz but tomorrow is a new day!)  I spent a few minutes in prayer and did a couple of minutes of stretching (hopefully once we are back in Yaokum I can start walking after we take the kidlets to school).  And then two minutes of intentional deep breathing…two minutes is a very long time!!!  But I made it just as the 11 year old was beginning to stir…whispered to her to grab her tablet and to stay quiet….then Little Bit woke up, gave her her tablet and some gummies…and all was quiet for about 45 more minutes.  During that time I was able to read my verses for the day and do a bit of journaling.

I was reminded how much I love my quiet time so definitely going to get back into the routine of getting up at 5:15a each  morning for that hour of quiet time with the Lord, when we get back to the ranch.

What a powerful verse to begin my day ~
God’s Word is Alive!!
God’s Word is Powerful
And God knows what is in my heart!!!

And His mercies are new every morning!
Every morning is a new day, a new slate and lots of opportunities!!

This verse reminds me that my life is not a sprint but a marathon…and that I need to keep my eyes on the prize…the final win will be when I see Jesus!!! And that I need to keep my focus on each day, enjoy life’s moments, not rush through things and see the positive in each situation I find myself in.

Which reminded me of breathing and focus on calmness, to lead our family from chaos to calmness.

So my focus today
has been to rest and just enjoy today.

The weather was beautiful and about 10:00a the kidlets went outside to play and play they did.  They ran, rode bikes, played on the playground, and made more friends…there are three or four families from Quebec in the campground parked in the same loop we are in as well as a couple of other families.
The kids played and played,
Ron slept late and then read his book,
I spent more time coloring and reading as well.
Then I snuck into the bedroom for a nap
and Ron took the kids for Sundaes on Sunday at the Activity Center.

And then more play time outside!!
I am glad the rain has stopped (though it was needed)
and the kids have been getting lots of natural Vitamin D.

We have one more full day here at the campground
and then back to the real world and routines and schedules!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day of rest and reflection!!!

Thank you to those who have emailed, texted and commented on my blog,
It is encouraging to me and I appreciate the suggestions.

Blessing to each of you!