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  • Writing Prompt ~ March 9

    I’m trying to find things to keep me busy…it’s not like I don’t have a To Do List a mile long…but who wants to do work when they can play?? So I did a google search for writing prompts…let’s write…is one thing I want to do each day and I’m not sure if everyone wants…

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  • W is for Writing

    W is for I enjoy writing. I like to make lists. I like to send cards with little notes in them. I like to write letters to our family and friends that don’t do the internet thing. Writing helps me sort things out. I like to write my prayers out,  sharing praises and requests. I…

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  • D is for Distractions!

    D is for Distractions!! One of the things I struggle with is getting Distracted. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to distract me. Like earlier today when I was working on a project at work.  I needed to find a picture on the computer and the next thing I knew I was scrolling through the pictures of…

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