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Category: Memories

  • T is for Travel

    T is for Travel Travel is something we love to do. It felt wonderful to get back on the road in the motor home on Sunday morning.  It was a good day for travel as the sun was shining and there was just a slight breeze.  Our trip for the day was to drive from…

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  • R is for Ready Set Go!!

    R is for Ready Set Go!! Friday and Saturday were busy days for us… …doing all the last reports for the campground, …the final clean up of the office, …putting all the picnic tables away,  …one more check of the garage, …and a final walk through the campground, and readying the motor home for travel,…

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  • Saying Good-bye ~ Part of an RV’rs Life

    Saying Good-bye ~ Part of an RV’rs Life While we have been here in Branson we  have attended Friendly Baptist Church.  And it is just that FRIENDLY.  We were warmly greeted by Pastor Cardis Bryan and had met  Bill & Virginia Hickox through an RV Facebook page that I belong to.  Shortly after our arrival here…

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  • L is for Life

    L is for LIFE Co-authored by Ron & Ali Life can be good, great and wonderful.  Life can be joyful, content and fulfilling. Our life is full of many blessings: living and traveling in our rig, sharing God’s love with those we come into contact with. Fellowship with friends, family and other believers.  Playing in…

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  • G is for Grateful

    G is for Grateful Grateful = Gratitude = Thankfulness The definition of Grateful: 1.  warmly or deeply appreciative  of kindness or benefits received; thankful   2.  expressing or actuated by gratitude   3. pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing I am grateful for my hubby and the upbringing he had.  I…

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