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Be Careful What You Pray For ~

Last night as I crawled into bed I set my alarm for 8:30a…so I can be ready to go to work in the office by 10:00a. I played a few games on my phone and then spent some time in prayer. I asked the Lord to help me to get a good night’s sleep and to wake up before my alarm was set to go off so I could spend some quality time with Him.

I wake up quite a few times in the night, usually to go potty (I know TMI) and last night was no different. First time was 1:25a, then 4:44a and I also took my thyroid medication and again at 6:44a…I chuckled to myself and thought “be careful what you pray for” ~ thinking about my prayer last night before going to sleep. So up I got. Turned on the furnace ~ it was a bit chilly in our little home on wheels ~ 61° (we do keep our little electric fireplace running all night).

I started my morning routine of checking my Blood Glucose ~ fasting of 100! That is so good!! Fixed myself a glass of ice water (trying to get more water in). I then set up my tray table, grabbed my Bible, Experiencing God Devotional, “Telling Yourself the Truth”, my journal and of course my colored pens!

EGD was titled “Truth Sets You Free” and goes right along with my Telling Yourself the Truth book from Dr. Keith that I am trying to finish. I am always amazed at how God brings things together. I have been talking with a friend in SLC about truth, God’s truth, believing truths and not lies and then this morning’s devotional was titled “Truth Sets You Free”.

Truth sets you free, truth sets me free! This is so true in so many ways. In relationships and at work. Just two weeks ago I called our boss and shared with him how I was feeling: overwhelmed, how I felt I wasn’t doing my job or meeting his expectations. It was my own kind of “come to Jesus meeting.” What I saw as truth wasn’t truth at all ~ I didn’t know how to do some things ~ that’s why I felt I wasn’t doing my job. The truth was I needed some guidance in doing what was being asked of me. Once the air was cleared, at least from my end, work seemed manageable and doable!

Truth in the workplace can also include admitting we were working in a toxic environment (previous places of employment). And how freeing life became when we removed ourselves from those toxic environments. Freedom can be seen in a few ways: peace in our hearts, sleeping better at night and even less bickering between Ron and I.

One thought that came to mind was KNOWING the truth and EXPERIENCING the truth are really two different things. At two of our recent employment locations we knew the truth was that we were working in toxic environments yet we kept making excuses to stay. Each time a “situation” made us realize that something had to change. And both times once we made the decision to move on, we experienced the freedom of truth!

Thoughts going through my mind as I read this morning
~ choose Mercy for myself, not just for others
~ expectations; who sets those for myself and are they true/right expectations
~ it’s okay to make mistakes! If we choose, we can learn from our mistakes. Frances Bacon states “truth will sooner come out from errors than from confusion.” Thus I need to quit beating myself up when I make a mistake!!!
~ Success ~ what does it look like for me? It might not look the same for others. Ron and I have talked often that how we see success is very different from others. A lot of people think a big home, fancy cars and having lots of money shows success. For us we have defined success as feeling peace in our home and where we are working, having enough money to pay our bills without stressing every day and even having enough groceries available to us. Success to us is seeing how boys happy, seeing them excited about their own lives and watching them and our grandchildren be happy and content.

One of the misbeliefs (lies) that was discussed in my reading this morning was “I should always be and act happy, in spite, of all the hardships or troubles that come my way. My response has become “my happiness is NOT dependent upon my situation or circumstance, my happiness comes from knowing I am loved by God and I am enough.

The above scripture, Isaiah 43:1-3 tells me to teach myself to be happy and content. The lies I tell myself are I an unattractive ~ Truth tells me that I am made in God’s image and that is beautiful. Another lie is I can’t but Truth tells me I can do all things through Jesus Christ! Another lie is I am lonely but Truth tells me I am never alone as God is with me always!!!

Ali’s translation of Isaiah 43: 1-3
God says it! It is truth!
He formed me! I am not one of my mom’s mistakes!
I am not to be afraid
There are 365 scriptures that say “do not be afraid”
One for every day of the year!
I am redeemed
Jesus called me by name, He knows who I am
I am His!
He will always be with me, I am never alone,
even when I am going through hard times.
I don’t need to feel overwhelmed
even though I walk through fires (tough times)
I won’t be burned
For God is my Lord & Savior!!

And I am reminded of these truths in

Kimberly Coyle says “you can’t go over it*, you can’t go under it*, oh no, you’ve got to go through it*! God says “Oh my darling, Ali, buckle up, you are just getting started and there is no going around it*! Hang on for the ride and look for the things that bring you joy!! Like the snowflakes falling this morning here in Bear Branch, Kentucky!

*IT is whatever the circumstance or situation is.*

The assignment from today’s lesson was to write down 10 things I am thankful for…
1. I am thankful I can do my job
2. I am thankful for the ability to cook edible and mostly good food.*
3. I am thankful we have our little home on wheels
4. I am thankful for turning 65 because I now have insurance to help pay for my insulin
5. I am thankful to have people in my life who encourage me
6. I am thankful for my hubby, who loves me unconditionally
7. I am thankful to have relationships with my sons!
8. I am thankful I have one good eye to see
9. I am thankful for having warm clothes on cold mornings
10. I am thankful I woke up early to enjoy the snow falling!

*Ask Ron or Kevin about edible food LOL*

Two questions for you ~
1. Do you believe Truth sets you free? Why or why not?
2. What are you thankful for today?

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Confirmation and Joy

I don’t know why I am always amazed when the Lord shows me things that I have been thinking or contemplating…yet I am still amazed.
I set my alarm for 5:00a as I went to bed last night;
at 4:15a  I woke up wide awake…
so after laying in bed for about 15 minutes I decided to just get up…
and I am so thankful I did…I had such a wonderful time with the Lord this morning…
I had a variety of scriptures on my list to read this morning:
Image result for john 3 16
Image result for isaiah 43 1
Image result for james 1 17
Image result for jeremiah 29 11
Image result for exodus 14 14
Image result for psalm 139 17
Image result for ezekiel 11 19
Image result for romans 6 6-7

And I wrote and wrote….
God gave his most precious gift to me ~ His Son!  The Lord reminds me daily to not be afraid ~ He is always with me.  I need to teach others (by example as much as words) as the Lord has taught me ~ that discipline is not fun nor easy but is important in our lives.    Everything good comes from the Lord.  He never changes, it is me/us who change!!!  God knows our lives and He only wants good for us ~ if we follow Him, He will guide us in the right paths.  God is my rock and refuge and is always available.  God thinks of me way more than I think of Him.  The Lord will always fight for me ~ my job is to be calm.  
Choose Joy!!!
Praise the Lord for where I have come from!!
And where I am and where I am headed!!
Choose Love!!!
Awareness + Contact = Change**
Be honest, not hurtful,
Be calm ~ a soft tongue turns away wrath.
Singleness of heart…don’t be so stubborn.
Old self ~ whine/gossip
New self ~ go to the source, be direct, address the issue head on
And don’t forget the 
Image result for marshmallow
As I sat and thought about the different scriptures I had read this morning and was spending time in prayer and thinking of some changes that are upcoming in some friends lives and thinking back to all the different life experiences I have been involved in over the years and the many, many people I have met I was amazed at how God’s timing is perfect for each specific moment in my life.  
I am who I am today because of every experience, every thought, every person I have met, every job I have had and I wouldn’t be me without each of these things.
One of the books I am using in my quiet time
Image result for discovering joy in philippians
Philippians is a book that reminds me to be encouraged despite of hardships and trials.  That it is important to imitate and strive to be Christlike and to be content with what I have and where I am and to see JOY in each situation no matter how difficult things may feel at the time.  And that everything has its time and that God’s timing is perfect all the time ~ all the time God is Good!!!

I have felt so encouraged today.  

I have drank almost 60 oz of water, walked the circle around the ranch two different times today, made and ate a healthy and delicious dinner and had a great afternoon/evening with the kidlets.
Life is good and I am so thankful for where I am today and that I am blessed to have the best helpmate by my side!!!
**Awareness + Contact = Change**
was a phrase given to me by Tom, our therapist for two and a half years in the late 80’s and I was reminded today that things can’t change if you don’t know about them and that it is important to be authentic in my relationships and that even when there are difficult things to deal with it is best to face them head on.
And so I prayed this morning to be able to talk to with someone openly and honestly, not letting fear dictate what I would say, to speak softly like the squishy marshmallow and to share God’s love and joy.
I am so thankful for my quiet time this morning
as I was so blessed to have such a great day today and I know it was because the Lord went before me and I responded as He would have me to do.