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Category: Hiccups

  • Storms of Life

    Wow!  Wow! Is all I can say. We have had some doozy storms lately. Wednesday night, 5/29 we were sitting in the rig.  I was crocheting and Ron was reading RV Forum on the Ipad when the NOAA Weather Radio alarm went off startling both of us to say the least.  It had not been…

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  • Road Trip to Bethany, MO and back to Coffeyville, KS ~ Day 3

    Friday ~ May 24th Slept in and then made our way to breakfast…it was delicious and plentiful.  So nice to have good tasting food and a clean jovial place to enjoy our meal before heading out for the day.  We stayed at the Best Western just out of Kansas City.  And then we began our journey back…

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