Beginnings, Blessings, Ecclesiastes 3:1~8

New Beginnings!

First off

Happy New Year 2023!!!

Like I am sure many of you, the last few days we have had lots of chats about the new year, new goals, do we make New Year’s Resolutions? ~ No, not really 😃 because I seem to always be setting new goals, new ideas and new plans into motion all throughout the year. We’ve discussed some things we would like to do this coming year ~ be more intentional with our time, do some short trips checking out this part of the country, go see our kids and their families ~ yes both the east coast and west coast, find and get involved in a local church and give 100% in everything we do.

We started out 2023 going to church. We attended Rockhouse Baptist Church. The question we asked ourselves in the truck on our way home was “do we want to go there again?” And our answers were the same: Yes. We have lots of questions and the way to get those questions answered is to return for another visit. Our observations include “maybe they don’t have a pastor or maybe their pastor was gone since it was a holiday.” They had a guest speaker, Bro. Adam Feltner. The music was a little different, no congregational singing, but it was mentioned that the couple leading the music was doing it so the regular worship team could have a day of rest. Brother Feltner brought a good message. The highlights

  • everyone has issues ~ God Forgives
  • even in the hard times ~ we need to seek God and give thanks
  • God is always near ~ even if I don’t feel He is
  • every day we are filled with choices ~ choose to be happy, choose to give thanks, choose to seek God
  • everyone is a sinner, even when we’ve accepted God into our hearts ~ remember He is always with me and it is important to humber ourselves daily before God
  • every day it is important to pray and seek God
  • ask myself daily ~ are my actions/words something God would be proud of

After church we spent the afternoon first watching the morning service from Love Springs Baptist Church (thankful we have the option to still be a part even from a distance). The sermon, by PR had many of the same encouraging words we had heard earlie – God won’t force us to do anything, we all have choices about what we do each day, asking myself “are my priorities in line with what I know the Lord wants me to do/be? Which led to a discussion with Ron about priorities and what’s important to us ~ we can and do make time for the things that are important to us. Whether it be eating healthy or eating cookies in the middle of the night, drinking water instead of soda pop, spending time with the Lord or going for drives (which can include time with the Lord), for me crocheting or coloring or spending time in the Word. Not that any of those things are wrong but as it says in Ecclesiastes there is a time for everything.

After chatting about the two sermons we heard earlier in the day we binged watch some Jack Reacher movies, true crime shows and I of course did some crocheting. We also made and ate 16 Bean soup w/ham, celery & onions. Thank you Merel for the delicious ham!!! We both snoozed for a bit and ate way too much junk food while binge watching TV the rest of the day. As we crawled into bed last night we both commented it was a good day!!! And we have much to be thankful for as we start the New Year.

How did you start the new year?
Do you make resolutions?
Do you call them something else?

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Good evening from Columbus, TX…our last evening here before heading back to Yoakum tomorrow and schedules and routines.
We’ve had a great time, the kidlets have had lots of outside play time which means little screen time…and the same is true for me and I can’t believe how peaceful I have felt without being tethered to the screen…hopefully I can keep it at a minimum once we get home.  It will take discipline…that’s what I was reading about this morning…
came to mind as I was reading and it opened the door for me to talk with the kidlets today about how when we discipline them it doesn’t seem fun at the time but it is meant for good…I sure hope they understand that.
My other reading led me to 
and how our life needs to be a balance,
how I need balance in my life…
and one of the things I’ve been able to think about this past week is that I get so wrapped into one or two things and lose focus on all the things around me.
My phrase for this year
“Chaos to Calmness”
is all about bringing the balance to our lives,
the lives we have been entrusted to care for,
balance in how we eat…striving for more healthy meals,
drinking more water but still enjoying that cup of coffee, 
a time to rest and a time to move.
Balance in 
My prayer as this day comes to an end is that 
as I read and reflect over Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
that for today,
I am in this season
where energy is needed but the Lord provides me rest,
I am partnered with a wonderful man of God,
who loves me unconditionally and who teaches me each day to enjoy life
and all it is full of,
that even in times of stress, 
remembering to breathe and to keep trusting.
  And I think of my life verse
and in The Message it is written:
“Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own.  Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.”

And I am reminded again:
I am not alone!!!
Do you have a favorite verse you cling to when life is full of chaos?