It’s Been Awhile ~

Life has been tough! Life just seems to be ????? heck I can’t even think of a word to describe it ~ it just has been tough!!! Someone asked me why I hadn’t written anything in awhile ~ I’ve been thinking about that and my first response is “I’m just tired.” And then I realized… Continue reading It’s Been Awhile ~

Thoughts to a Friend’s Post on Facebook

My friend, Pamela Richards-Woodall, wrote the following on her Facebook page earlier today: If I have offended you in any way I apologize!Please examine your words before they pop outta your mouth! Power of life and death are in the tongue! If you personally don’t know why someone has issues with this or that, ask… Continue reading Thoughts to a Friend’s Post on Facebook

Focusing on What’s Important

As I wrote the other day…life has been a struggle for me and like in days and years past I let my emotions control my actions…I had a counseling session scheduled for today BUT yesterday in the middle of my angst I cancelled it ~ DUH…now more than ever I really needed that time to… Continue reading Focusing on What’s Important

U is for Unique

U is for Unique Unique is one and only; single; sole:¬†a¬†unique¬†specimen having no like or equal; unparalleled:¬†a¬†unique¬†achievement highly unusual, extraordinary, rare I remember hearing when I was a young child my mom saying “you are unique and there will never be another one like you” and then she would laugh and say that’s a good… Continue reading U is for Unique