First Week at Lone Star Corral

We have had a busy but fun week.  We have met lots of people.  We have a job just learning everyone’s names.  They have it easy.  They only have to learn two.  We are known as the “new managers” or Ron & Ali (my Texas name :).  We arrived at probably the busiest week of all – week of the Annual Meeting.  This is how our first week went:

Sunday ~ we got the motor home organized, attended our first ice cream social and found out our cell phones don’t work to well here in the park.  We can get text messages no problem but actually receiving calls well that is another story.  We don’t know what we are going to do for phone service.  The two major carriers in the area  AT&T and T-Mobile want a two year contract.  We don’t want to do that.  We are going to check on a Cricket phone as that is a month to month plan.  We also had to make arrangements with DirectTV to come out because we couldn’t get the satellite to work.  They are coming on Tuesday.  And we set our alarm for 7:00 a.m.  We are so not used to having to set an alarm.  But that’s life as they say.
Monday ~ we had to fill out all the new hire paperwork.  And we followed Ed & Jeanette around, a lot!  But we jumped right in with greeting members and guests alike.  We kept hearing how crazy the day was but we thought it went fine.  At lunch I did ask Ron if he was ready to go home.  He said yes, it’s just outside the door.  I said, no home, Blaine?  He said nope and I said okay…and then we both laughed and said “we can’t go to Blaine, we don’t have the money to get there!”  Monday evening we went over to the clubhouse to do laundry and watch my show “The Bachelor.”  Well we did laundry but no go on the show…couldn’t get ABC in on the clubhouse TV…bummer.  Oh well there’s always next week.  

Tuesday ~ we were up with the alarm and ready for work at 7:55.  We had another great day learning where things are around here and how things are done.  Tuesday afternoon I went to the bank with Jeanette.  I will have to get pictures the next time we go to the bank…the tellers sit behind counters that were built in the late 1800’s when D’Hanis was founded.

Wednesday ~ was more orientation, reading of manuals, learning the computer system and working around the park.  In the late afternoon we met Bob & Linda, fellow RV’rs and bloggers.  They came here to get their refrigerator worked on and Linda said to meet us!  Pretty cool huh!!!  They have followed my blog for quite awhile.  Linda came by our rig Wednesday evening and invited us to dinner Thursday night! Yippee…new friends and I don’t have to cook.

Thursday & Friday ~ Ron and I were on our own though Ed & Jeanette were only a phone call away.    Thursday was pretty quiet in the office as the majority of the people were in the Annual Meeting.  Ron worked with a few of the guests/members around the park and escorted new guests to their sites.

Thursday evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner of sausage burgers, asparagus and broccoli salad with Bob & Lynda.  We had lots of fun sharing about our lives, our children and of course, our grandchildren.  Check out Linda’s blog by clicking on their name.  Thanks Bob & Linda for a delicious dinner and even better fellowshiping.  Be safe as you continue your travels.
Friday was a little busier in the office and around the park.  We said good-bye to Bob & Linda early in the morning and greeted new guests later in the day.  As we ended our day on Friday we commented to each other “this has been a good week and we are excited to be here, to make new friends and see more of this beautiful country.

Saturday we went grocery shopping and then did some work around the motor home.  We pulled the four totes off the roof of the motor home.  Switched our winter clothes from inside the motor home to our summer clothes.  It has been interesting to see people around here wearing sweatshirts and we are wearing tank tops…we think its warm and the members say it’s kinda cool.  While we were out running errands we plugged into Maggie (our GPS) a few churches in the Hondo area.  We drove around and found a couple of churches we want to try out.  We stopped by First Baptist Church of Hondo and met Alan & Yvonne.  Found out services our at 10:45 and they are having a lunch aferwards and invited us to join them.

Sunday morning we woke up to a light rain and cloudy skies.  We went to First Baptist Church of Hondo and met lots of people during the meet and greet time.  The services focus today was honoring those who turned 90 and 100 this year!  We sang hymns!  Standing on the Promises, The Old Rugged Cross, and When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.  And in doing so they sang a medley of favorite Sunday School songs.  They included: Do Lord, The BIBLE, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, If Your Happy and You Know It, I’m in the Lord’s Army and we did all the hand motions.  Singing those songs brought back many memories of being in Sunday School for both of us.  The sermon was on relationships: our relationship with the Lord, he wants to be in relationship with us and us with him.  And at the end of the service the Search Committee came forward to say they have asked someone to come and candidate in two weeks.  He will give the sermon, they will have a potluck and a time of questions & answers and then in the evening they will have a meeting to decide if they will call this couple as their new pastors.  We think we will attend there that Sunday to hear the sermon and share in another potluck.  I say another because they had one today and we stayed for that.  It was fun to hear the history of the birthday honorees.  Between the honorees they had over 650 years of walking with the Lord and 465 years of service at FBC of Hondo ~ amazing and encouraging.

In the afternoon we took a nap and then have just rested and relaxed to get ready for another week of work.  Last week we set the alarm for 7:00 a.m each morning to give us an hour to get up, have our quiet time, eat breakfast and get ready to work.  This week we are setting the alarm for 6:45 and next week we are setting the alarm for 6:30 – we are doing that so starting next week we can do a 30 minute walk before starting our day.  We both have commented we have missed our walks that we used to do while working for the carnival.  And we have to walk in the early morning hours because it will be too hot to walk after work.

So now you are all caught up on our journey to D’Hanis, TX and the beginning of our new jobs at Lone Star Corral.

If you are ever in the area, give us a shout and stop on by.  Talk to y’all again soon!!!

13 responses to “First Week at Lone Star Corral”

  1. What a busy week you have had, Ali and Ron. It sounds like you will fit in just fine at that park. How many people stay in the park during the winter?

  2. Sounds like a busy week. Glad you found a nice church. It makes you feel more at home. Will you try the others?

  3. With 130 sites in the park plus the managers site and the assistant managers site there could be as many as 264 people in the park. There are also about 10 boondock sites so that could addanothe 20 people. I understand that the park is pretty full in Jan and Feb, but I don't really know how many people are here. Wednesday there were 102 people in the park. Yes I think that we will try some of the other Churches in town.

  4. Glad to see you made it, and jumped right into your new jobs, I know you guys will do real well, you have that people personality.Have fun, be safe out there. Sam 7 Donna..

  5. Loved your review of your week!

  6. Whew, ready for a nap just reading all about your week.

  7. Thanks for getting us all caught up on your new adventure. Hope you find just the right church for you.

  8. Thanks for getting us all caught up on your new adventure. Hope you find just the right church for you.

  9. Glad y'all made it safely to your new stompin' grounds.Hope your week is BLESSED!Laurel

  10. You had a very busy week last week. Looking forward to our meeting on Wednesday evening.

  11. Wow what a busy week thanks for the up date on the job.

  12. ali, i love reading your peaceful view on all of your experiences. it makes me want to take some time to smell the of luck on your newest adventure. i'll be praying for you.

  13. Sounds like you had a busy week. Glad you are enjoying things there and that everything works out well for you.Kevin and Ruth

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