Christmas Eve Night

Merry Christmas!!!

Today has been a busy day here at the Christmas Tree lot.  Ron woke up about 4:00 a.m. and could not go back to sleep.  He got up and spent some time on the computer and then walked over to Starbucks to get a hazelnut mocha to start his day.  About 7:00 a.m. he started tearing down the lot.  He had to tear down the light stands, sweep the lot, wrap the wire, toss all the broken/burnt out light bulbs, bag up the good light bulbs, tie up the boughs that were left, stack the square grids that we stood the trees on, put the snowman and Christmas lights in the tote and sell a few trees in between.

Ron was so sweet and let me sleep in this morning.  I woke up when the phone rang at 9:00 a.m.  I got up and started cleaning the inside of the motor home to get it ready for us to leave for Newport in the morning.  I did all the end of season paperwork the tree sales.  We had a total of 289 trees delivered to the lot between November 26 and December 17.  We sold 281 trees, had 2 trees stolen and had six trees left over.  After all was said and done we sold just over $800 more than was sold last year.  Whoo Hooo!  And I gave updates on my Facebook page throughout the day of how our sales were going.  And we received lots of encouragement and support on those updates.  A friend of mine, Roxine, started writing poems when we had over 100 trees to sell.  A few others joined in.  They were fun to read and encouraging to boot!

We had one major scare today while Ron was cleaning up the lot.  Remember we are in a small shopping center parking lot here in Edmonds.  We are in the far corner.  While we have been parked here we have seen many near accidents where cars are trying to cut through or around where cars are parked.  Where we are parked with the motor home at the front entrance to the Christmas tree lot is usually a short cut that many cars are used to taking through the parking lot.  Well this morning Ron had cleaned up and taken down the back side of the parking lot and had put a couple of the light stands across that end of the lot to keep cars from coming through the lot.  Cars could not get through from the side where the motor home was parked.  Well while Ron was cleaning the lot a truck drove from the back of the motor home right into the lot at quick speed.  I saw the truck go by the window and quickly opened the door.  Ron watched as the guy put on his brakes and luckily stopped before hitting Ron.  We both just looked at him as he sheepishly backed up his truck.  I did yell at him out the door to slow down and watch out.  At that point Ron put a barricade across the drive way to keep anyone from trying to go through the lot again.  We did notice once all the trees were stacked and everything cleaned up and the barricades all stacked cars started speeding through the lot right in front of the motor home.  Neither of us can believe how fast some people drive in a parking lot. 

I made my first batch of Sausage Rolls today.  Thanks Sandra & Gerald for the recipe.  I used the one where you cook the sausage first.  I only had 3 cups of flour so only used 2/3 c of water.  We snacked on a few of them before heading out for the Christmas Eve Service at Edmonds Lutheran Church. The service was very nice and it was fun to sing Christmas carols with such a large group of people.  The message reminded us to reflect on the wonderful gift that God so freely gives to each of us who are willing to accept it ~ the free gift of salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.  After the service we decided to go for a drive and look at Christmas tree lights and see if we could find someplace to eat.  We both realized we had not eaten except for a couple of sausage rolls since breakfast.  I know, not a good thing to do.

As we were on Edmonds Way, going about 35 miles per hour, someone pushed a shopping cart down a hill from an apartment complex right in front of us.  Ron slammed on his brakes and hit the shopping cart which then flew into the left lane.  After slamming on our brakes and stopping the car behind us slammed on his brakes and also stopped without hitting us.  Ron got out and checked the front of the Jeep to make sure no headlights got busted and then grabbed the cart out of the middle of the roadway.  And the guy that stopped behind us stayed right there with his hazard lights on so people would slow down going around us.  Once again we rejoice with thanksgiving that the Lord protected us from what could have been a very serious auto accident.

We slowly made our way to downtown Edmonds and found a wonderful little Thai restaurant, the Thai Cottage.  We started our meal with appetizers and then had #43 The Drunk Noodle with pork and #22 The Three Knights with chicken, beef and pork.  The appetizers were scrumptious and the two entrees were very good.  Lots of vegetables and meat in both dishes.  We would recommend that restaurant to anyone who likes Thai food and they happen to be in Edmonds, WA.

After dinner we drove around a little looking at Christmas lights.  While looking at lights I noticed that I had three messages from Danalyn.  Thinking it must have been something urgent I checked it out.  What we got was a surprise!  What do you think ~ pretty special don’t you think?

Thank you Grammy & Grandpa for the gingerbread house!  Love Max & Christopher

Though a lot ended up in their tummies!

Chris’ cookie for Santa AND the reindeer complete with sugar cookie, frosting, coconut and carrots.

We think they did a great job of decorating the gingerbread house.  And love how Christopher not only was thinking of Santa but also the reindeer.  I didn’t know reindeer liked coconut.  Guess I will have to ask Christopher if the reindeer ate their goodies that he left for them.

Well it is almost midnight and I had better get to bed before Santa drops by.  Sure don’t want to miss his visit because I had not gone to bed.  So with that, we wish you all a 

Merry Christmas!!!

10 responses to “Christmas Eve Night”

  1. Been following you on FB. Glad you sold so many trees. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas Ron and Ali. So thankful that Ron is okay. Congratulations for doing so well with your Christmas Tree sales!John

  3. Merry Christmas Ali and Ron!- Mary Ann and William

  4. Oh Ali Praise God for protecting Ron..and then again for His protection while driving!!Love the great end to the selling of the trees.The gingerbread houses are so cute.The little decorators are also..lolYa'll be safe and have fun..Hugs from TexasCindy and Walker

  5. Sounds like you had a good day after all the excitement in the parking lot and the runway cart.Merry Christmas!!

  6. Thank you, Lord, for protecting Ron throughout the day. Whoo Hoo for the great job you two did selling your trees, and making more money than last year's sales, despite the bad weather you had to contend with.Save travels on your trip to Newport and Post Falls. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  7. Sounds like a successful Christmas season selling Christmas trees. Love those pics!! Very very special!!Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy blessed New Year!!

  8. May the Blessing of Christmas bring lots of Good Fortune your way…May the Light of the Lord be your Guide..God Bless and Merry ChristmasBarbZeee and Critters 4

  9. So glad God's hand was on Ron when that nut went flying through your lot. Happy New Year to you both

  10. Always nice to read from you. Great job on that gingerbread house! My sister-in-law has one in the shape of a train, very cool! I'm glad Ron is ok!

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